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Vent - C0-worker sort of outed me/just being mean?

Hi ladies,  so now on top of not feeling good I feel like I am going to cry.  Here's the backstory - co-worker just returned from maternity leave on Monday and she is not always the kindest, sort of nice with snide remarks.  Just had me go show 3 co-workers what she meant by empire waist style shirts (i am wearing one) and said "See this is what I was talking about it shows you most flatering part and flows, (smirks) hiding whatever you dont want to show.  The other two just smiled (I really like those two) but I am just sensitive and I am pretty sure that in my office of mostly women they are catching on, but still....now I really want to go home.

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Re: Vent - C0-worker sort of outed me/just being mean?

  • Ew, what a biotch!  If she has an inkling that you're pregnant, you'd think that she'd be sensitive to that since she just went through it.  And if she doesn't have any idea then she's just plain mean.  I'm sorry :(.

  • I don't believe there are many women out there who don't know what an "empire waist" shirt is. Sounds like she was being nasty and trying to out you. If she is not your superior I would just ignore her and don't let her put you in that situation again. Also when you do announce don't bother to let her know. She can find out from other people.

    I am sorry you do not feel well, that stinks. But don't worry too much about the other two ladies. If they are usually nice, chances are they got roped into what the snide co-worker did. So don't look too deeply or get your feelings hurt. We are all really sensitive right now I have definitely had moments myself where I just want to walk away from work for no real reason. And without all these hormones I love my job! ?

    So big ((HUG)) to you and you will feel better and your days will get better. And if you are feeling insecure or unhappy its just the hormones. So keep reminding yourself it will all be ok!?

  • ugghhh  the same thing happened to me last week at work.

     Some guy thought it was funny to joke around out loud in front of EVERYONE that I was pregnant.  And he kept asking me when's my due date.  He thought he was being funny but what kind of a dumb joke is that?  And of course now everyone is thinking about it... great!

  • Thanks for the support ladies.  She is just a _____ and I am going to stay away from her, I really appreciate your kind words. 
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