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9 weeks and can only see a yolk sac???

I excitedly went to my first ultrasound last week ( should have been 8 weeks along) and the only thing the dr could see was the gestational sac.  He wanted me to come in for another ultrasound in a week and see if there was anything. If nothing had improved it will not be a viable pregnancy. So, went today one week later being 9 weeks are we saw the gestional sac AND a yolk sac!!! Thinking in my mind what a huge relief, progress! Dr spoke with me and basically said there wasn't really anything there for being this far along and wanted me to get blood work done today. Once she got the results she would call if the levels were not Evan high enough  to be pregnant. ( I'm thinking how is that Evan possible if I know have a yolk sac a week later!). No word from the dr today so assuming start levels are okay, go back in mondayvfor the 2 round of blood testing.  Has anyone else heard of such a slow growing baby?? I know at 9 weeks I should be seeing a little baby in the ultrasound,and I'm only at the yolk sac stage...so confused and feel like im just getting shuffled around with these doctors like they don't know how to handle it. Help and advise would be lovely! 

Re: 9 weeks and can only see a yolk sac???

  • Hmmm, I wish I had some advice for you, but this is my first time!  When I had my US at 8 weeks, 4 days you could clearly see a little bean in there, so I think you should have seen something in there other than just the gestational & yolk sacs.  You should give your doctor a call if you are stressed our about it, I know I wouldn't be thinking about anything but this if I were you!  Assuming they are already closed for the weekend I don't know what to say other than I will keep you in my prayers for good news on Monday!  Good luck hun!

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  • Sorry to hear this :(

    I had an ultrasound at 7 weeks and there was a yolk sack and a little bean, or rice looking thing underneath. To young to hear a heartbeat but we could see the flicker as early as 5w 6days (our first ultrasound)

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  • Could your dates be off? I had early u/s and saw baby at 6w0d.
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  • If your dates are absolutely correct you really should be seeing a fetal pole and hb at this point. 

    I was pg in May went for an u/s at 7 weeks and there was a gest sac and yolk sac but that was all. Blood work showed I had more than great hcg levels but my progesterone was low at only 3. Two days later I m/c. 

    I know this is probably not what you want to hear, neither did I. I really hope your dates are completely wrong and everything is fine! ((HUGS))

    waiting sucks I know. 

  • Your dates are probably just off if the embryo grew from week to week.  You probably ovulated later than the typical 14 days and that throws doctors off sometimes, but it's pretty common.

    I went in when I would've been 7 weeks according to the chart doctor's use (a 28 day cycle with ovulation on day 14) and I was only about 4 weeks pregnant.  My OB did the same thing, had me come back in a week or so later and things had continued so she agreed my dates were probably off, not that there was something wrong with the pregnancy.

    Is this possible for you?  Were you charting when you got pregnant? 

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  • My SIL just went through this. She went at 8w for an u/s and they saw just a sac. She went back two weeks later and saw a little speck baby and everything is fine. Her timing was just off from what the dr thought. I hope the same is true with you.
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  • I am in almost same boat as you I went for ultrasound on the 20th and the only saw a gestational sack and yoke sack the Dr said I was 6 weeks and 6 days I go back on 31st to see if there is a fetal pole at that point I hope thing work out for you ; keep positive !
  • Just my own personal experience...I went to the doctor when my missed periods indicated that I should be around 9 weeks prego. We saw the same thing; a yolk sac and no baby. My doctor ran all kinds of blood tests and took a urine sample. I went back a week later and there was our little jellybean and its tiny heartbeat. She asked us back again a week later and the embryo was still growing and had a super strong heartbeat. My doctor determined that I had simply missed a period in there and was only 5 weeks along when we went in the first time. (Too early to see anything but the yolk sac) I hope you are in the same situation and though it doesn't solve the problem I hope this has given you a little comfort.
  • Maybe your dates are off...I saw and heard my baby's heart beat at 5w5d and 6w5d.....id say maybe you o'd later then normal?m
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  • How long ago did you get a BFP? If it was within the last two weeks, then your dates are likely off and you are only around 5-6 weeks pregnant. If you got a BFP 3+ weeks ago, then the likelihood this is a viable pregnancy is very slim. It is impossible for you to be 9 weeks and not see a baby. The only possibility that would lead to a happy outcome is that your dates are 3+ weeks off. Otherwise, this will not have a happy ending. I'm sorry. I've been there many times, and it sucks.
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