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Can't keep my mouth shut

Apparently I don't know how to keep a secret any better than my DH.  I am 9.5 weeks along and haven't told anyone about the pregnancy yet, and planned to wait until 12 weeks.  However, I have told 2 people today!  What the heck?  DH told two people last Wednesday too.  I think we're just really excited and telling people makes it feel a little more real (aside from the constant nausea).  Anyone else have this issue???


Re: Can't keep my mouth shut

  • If you feel comfortable telling people then don't question it.  Everyone is different. 



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  • It's normal to be excited. DH wanted to tell everyone the night I got our first BFP, but I convinced him otherwise. We each told 3 friends and didn't tell family until I was 8 weeks.
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  • My fiance told random people from work that he has never met and only talks on the phone with. My best friend tells random people that we come in contact with like...our server, cashers, and people walking down the street. lol This makes them feel better.

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  • There's no way I could go 12 weeks without telling anyone.  I told my parents immediately and then a couple close friends around 6 weeks.  H just started telling a few close friends as well.  It's really cute how excited he gets to tell his friends :)
  • We told parents right away.  

    I told very close friends, aunts and uncles last week.  

    I do not have the ability to wait until 12 weeks and not tell ANYONE!  I just kind of judged - if anything were to go wrong, who would I want to know?  I know I'd need support if the worst did happen, plus we were so ready to share.  We're excited!!!

    Work and other friends will find out after my 12 week appointment.   

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  • I'm the same. I suck at secrets, even one as big as this.

  • There's no way I could wait til 12 weeks! I've told a lot of people, aside from announcing on FB. Oh well, can't take it back now!
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    If you feel comfortable telling people then don't question it.  Everyone is different. 

    I agree.  I ended up telling my boss yesterday, way earlier than I had planned on.  I had that unexpected ultrasound, and had to swing out of the office on short notice.  I usually give her at least a few day's notice when I have an upcoming drs appt, etc.

    Honestly, when I tell people, I feel better.  I hate secrets, and this is a huge milestone in my life.  We weren't even sure I would be allowed to get pregnant.  (Heart problems.)  So I am about at that point where I want to shout at the top of my lungs.

    Go with your gut, and try not to regret having told anyone. 

    Due March 25, 2013

  • I called my mom as soon as I walked out of the doctor's office after finding out! I couldn't tell my fiance until he got home at 11:30 that night and I was BURSTING to tell somebody, I was so excited!! We really didn't keep it a secret from anybody at all. To be honest, I didn't even know that most women waited until 12 weeks until after I told everybody. Oh well!
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  • With our first, we both told work friends pretty early, but we didn't tell parents until like 6 or 7w, which seemed like FOREVER to me...and even though everyone was excited, we wished we would have kept it to ourselves for a while longer as far as (grr) family goes.

    With our last one, I texted my bff immediately after showing my dh the test.  I told the people I cared about pretty early.  Dh didn't tell ANYONE at work, except for one person, until after the baby was born.  He isn't even going to tell anyone this time since the guy he told last time has changed and doesn't treat him very well anymore.  I haven't told my bff yet because she's had a heartbreaking year and a half of miscarriages (including a ruptured ectopic that nearly killed her on her ds's 2nd birthday), and we haven't told many people at church including dh's friend yet.  It'll happen...eventually I suppose.

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  • Since my MIL is the biggest blabber mouth - she has no life so she tells you all about everyone else's lives - we have learned to not tell her anything we don't want the whole world to know. I live right down the road from her but only see her once a week or so. Since I've always had a bit of a pooch I think I can get away with it for another month.

     We told my sister and my naturopath has been my friend for a long time so we've told two people. One wouldn't tell a sole because she's my best friend, the other because it's HIPPA protected ;-).

     Whenever you spill the beans about the bean, good luck!

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  • LOL! We have the same problem, so we went ahead and announced. If it feels right, go ahead trust your gut.
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