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Anyone using Kirkland diapers *repost*

They are about 7 cents a diaper at Costco, and I was wondering if it was worth getting. I've heard store brands can be very low quality, but I've always been happy with other Kirkland stuff.

Re: Anyone using Kirkland diapers *repost*

  • I have not heard anything about the diapers, but I do recommend their wipes. We have MIL buy them for us since she's a member there and we are with Sam's. 
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  • I use Kirkland diapers and am quite happy with the quality and the price.  I have heard other things from other mom's on the bump though.  The "complaints" that I've heard are that the sizes tend to run smaller and that they don't hold as much pee..I suppose that it true, but it doesn't bother me.  They don't leak in my experience and I don't mind the size diff..I just roll with it.  The price is worth it to me.  
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  • We use Kirkland brand diapers and wipes and are happy with both.  It is true that they tend to run on the smaller side but as long as you get the right size then they are great.  We have never had a leakage issue with them.
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  • My husband and I have been Pampers fans since day one. However lately we have been having "explosion" issues. The last time we were at Costco we decided we'd give Kirkland diapers a try. So far, we love them! I am watching DS closely to monitor redness because I have heard horror stories about store brands and chemical burns, but so far, so good. We use Kirkland wipes as well, they aren't the greatest smelling wipes out there but they are very cost effective. I'd say give them a try. We've been using them for about a week and so far the "baby clothes soaking in every sink in the house fiasco" has not been an issue.
  • As soon as my daughter was big enough for Kirkland diapers, we switched her from Pampers to Kirkland. IMO they seem to fit her better and the only blow outs she has had is when she poops non-stop for 5 minutes and I don't expect any diaper to survive those sessions. Liking them better than Pampers at this point in time. No burns or additional redness, actually all diaper rash concerns and irritates have lessened since switching. 
  • I use CDs and switched to them when LO was about 2.5 months.  His butt was getting raw from Pampers..... and we also had a stash of Kirkland.  He did great with the Kirkland, no rash, no burns, never leaked through them, and fit well.  He is a larger baby and heavy wetter and they absorbed very well.  
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  • Costco is currently offering free samples of the Kirkland diapers.
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