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Restless Leg ??

Has anyone else been dealing with this? It has just started this week. I was hoping it was just a one night thing but every night this week I have been up half the night stretching,walking, massaging, doing everything to try and make it better...any simple remedies??

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Re: Restless Leg ??

  • Mine just started this week too.  I feel like I'm either dealing with calf cramps or RLS all night long.  All I've been doing is stretching, I have no idea what else to do either.

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  • Same... I knew mine was  coming though, since EVERY female has it in my  family, except me.  I find that putting a pillow between my legs when I am on my  side helps and some tylenol before bed... nothing takes it away completely but def. helps some!  Good luck, and if you find anything else please share! :)
  • I've had this before pregnancy and now. Besides water and a pillow between the legs-everytime you stretch out MAKE SURE you FLEX you feet and not point makes a HUGE difference!!!

    The one time I did point them I totally cramped after and knew better!

    I also take a tennis ball and massage it under my calves when I'm on the floor for a bit...need to definitely do that more too!

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  • I'm starting to get restless leg as well, but even worse is that I think my night calf cramps are becoming more common.  I had them almost every night for a while with my DD, to the point it woke me up from dead slumber and had to jump out of bed to stretch.  My Dr. recommended taking 2 tums before bed every night for extra calcium.  It did seem to help.  Good luck.
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  • The one thing that has helped me for most nights is soaking in a warm tub first. Then having DH massage my legs and feet.
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