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**Team Green Check-In**

Hellooooo ladies!!

Another week has come and gone! How are you all doing? Still TG? I think it's going to get hard with more and more team blue/pink announcements coming in daily!

I'm still going strong with TG but I'm feeling frustrated I still don't have my u/s scheduled. I don't even go to the Dr until 9/11 (and my last appt was 8/6..seems so far away and so long ago!) I will be 18 wks exactly. I'm sure at that appt I'll get it scheduled and luckily I won't have to wait long for the scan..just 1-2 weeks, so that's a plus side. But still...I feel like I"m going CRAZY waiting for this appt that is STILL nearly 3 weeks away. I'm feeling tempted to buy a doppler for the first time since like week 9 haha.  I need proof again! C'mon, belly, POP! C'mon, LO, let me feel you move!



Re: **Team Green Check-In**

  • Still TG, the true test will be how I feel at the a/s. I, like you, don't have it scheduled yet. If we were finding out I would've pushed them to make the appt last time I visited but I'm ok waiting. I just assume we'll schedule it that week or a couple weeks out at my appt on 9/11. I also am waiting for my belly to pop. I'm starting to think it'll never happen. Every time I think I've popped the next day it isn't there anymore :(.
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  • Still TG here! Though hearing everyone find out is making me jealous lol I'm sticking to it though!
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  • image ellephunt:
    Still TG, the true test will be how I feel at the a/s. I, like you, don't have it scheduled yet. If we were finding out I would've pushed them to make the appt last time I visited but I'm ok waiting. I just assume we'll schedule it that week or a couple weeks out at my appt on 9/11. I also am waiting for my belly to pop. I'm starting to think it'll never happen. Every time I think I've popped the next day it isn't there anymore :(.

    I have this too! Where I feel like some days I'm bigger and then the next day it has  disappeared! What's up with that?! lol.  My body is definitely changing... I started weekly photos at 12 weeks and from 12 to 15 there's definitely a change...but I'm waiting for that wake-up moment in the AM where I say, "OMG I popped!!" So far it goes away after i pee lol. So for a brief moment every morning I think mayyyyybe...then I pee it away! ;) 



  • Still TG. It's getting harder with all of these ladies finding out the sex. I still don't have the a/s scheduled yet, but DH is very firm on wanting to be TG. I think he would be so disappointed if we found out. As long as he is at the a/s we will stay TG lol
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  • Still TG here. I'm definitely jealous of all the Pink/Blue announcements but DH is standing firm. Next appt is 9/11 and I'll be 16w4d and my A/S is scheduled for 9/26, I'll be 18w5d.

    Macy's, Old Navy and Childrens place have some very cute gender neutral clothing right now for anyone who is interested! 

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  • TG here still! I just ignore all the pink/blue posts, because I know if I start reading them and seeing how excited everyone is to learn the gender, I will start getting jealous! I am hoping to start my registry soon, and I will be scoping out all sorts of gender neutral gear. I also don't have an a/s scheduled yet, but I'm going to the doctor tomorrow, and will hopefully get to hear the heartbeat for the first time on the Doppler. I'm so excited!
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  • I get very excited about knowing if we have a son or daughter all the time. I can wait but I can't wait! Still, I love wondering and thinking about it and getting friends and family to guess. I know I'd be excited f I knew but I feel like I'm so much more excited that I don't know, like Christmas or another big, fun surprise!

    I'm in the on again off again popping stage too. I can't wait until the bump is really here! I'm also in the energy is up again down again stage and would love to have my energy level back up!

    Sometimes I wish I knew, but ultimately I'll be so thrilled to find out when I'm finally holding our LO in my arms!

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  • Still team green here! I had an appointment yesterday and a U/S and didn't have any issues telling the doc not to tell me :) When I came home I told DH that I was so glad that we were team green with DD, especially seeing as we had a csection. Not knowing 100% for sure that I'll VBAC (you can never be sure) makes me even more determined.

    I have my next appointment at the end of Sept and A/S at the beginning of October but I'll be strong.

    The it's a.... posts annoy me so that's helpful too :) 

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  • Still Team Green! A small part of me wants to find out, but then I think it's fun to be surprised in February.  The family we've told so far have all been supportive of staying TG.  My friends are surprised we won't find out.

    Next appt is not until 9/14 at 17.5-ish weeks, which feels forever away (three weeks from today is far!).  I too have moments where I feel a bit nervous since I can't feel LO yet, and although I'm getting bigger, it just looks mostly like chub.  I can't wait to look pregnant rather than "Is she or isn't she?" 

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  • Still TG and still just as excited about it.

    A co-worker of DH found out the other day that he and his wife are having a girl...DH went and lectured them on how it's no fun to know the gender.   I love the man more than anything, but he needs to learn when to shut his mouth!!


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  • I am still team green. My next appointment is Sept 5. I will be just about 17 weeks so I am expecting my scan to be scheduled soon after that. I am excited for the scan so I can see the baby again and I know I will have no problem getting through it with not finding out!
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  • Still holding strong as TG.  Last weekend was tough as I had to battle people at two separate parties on why we are remaining team green when its twins... so frustrating.  I wish people would just let it go - its our decision not theirs. Their argument:  "How are you ever going to plan and prepare?"  - um, gender neutral? The same way I would normally but with no pinks/blues? I think I can handle it.

    We have 2 upcoming ultrasounds, 1 when we hit 16 weeks and 1 when we hit 20 (a/s).   Its going to be so hard to not find out with both ultrasounds able to tell us!  I plan to tell the techs right away that we aren't finding out.

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  • Still TG, no worries til the end.  My a/s is on 9/7 @ 18 wks, 6 days.  The first time it was easy so I don't see it being tempting this time!  No jealousy here either, the way I see it, all those people finding out are ruining a wonderful surprise that you only get a couple times in your life if you're lucky. 

    My bump doesn't seem to be changing although I gained 6 lbs between 2 appointments.  I think it's in "the girls" and probably my butt. 

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  • I still want to be TG. My a/s is scheduled for Sept. 20. DH still think she can find out and I don't have too and that will work out just fine..... I know this will not work. DH is a big gossip and will tell someone and then everyone will know, but ME! SO he can't find out either if I don't...... A lot of people are surprised I don't want to find out..... I hope I can stay strong!!!! It's getting harder not too!!
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  • I am still TG and am not waivering! Since we have just told everyone I am pg I have not gotten the are you finding out questions yet. This will be such a great surprise in the end for sure!
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  • Hi Team Green!

     I just recently got back on the bump (I was on all the time when I was preg with our first). We stayed team green with him the whole way and loved it, so now we are round two. It's so exciting all the way up to the end, especially when you are in labor and everything else sucks lol. It's a little motivating. I know how you feel about wanting a sign that baby is in there. I've felt this one move a few times, but it's never regular. Hopefully soon!!!

     So excited that there are so many team green-ers this time around :) It's SO WORTH IT!!!!

  • Still team green, but currently have no nails from biting them all the time with the yoyo going on in my head (to qoute Shakespeare to know or not to know!Hmm) But so far I'm staying strong!!!
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