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What were your first pregnancy symptoms?

I was just thinking about how I found out I was pregnant September 1st last year.  That means that I was already pregnant at this time last year, but I didn't know it yet!  

What were your very earliest pregnancy symptoms??


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Re: What were your first pregnancy symptoms?

  • One of my first symptoms was fatigue.  This week last year I took several hour long naps on the couch in the afternoon...I thought it was just exhaustion from working so hard!  

    The symptom that really made me decide to test though, was my boobs were going crazy....bigger, way more sore than the usual pms-sore, and a ton of huge new visible veins in them!  I was literally debating testing the last day in August 2011, went home and took off my bra in front of the mirror, and was like holy cow!!  What is going ON with my boobs?  Test the next morning was positive.  :)

    I never had a very regular period, so I didn't suspect anything from being "late". 

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  • The day before my BFP, I was getting out of my car behind my house after work and smelled a cigarette burning - on the other side of the street.  I decided to test the next day. 


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  • A BFP! We had been charting and trying, so I wanted to test even though I was only about 10 DPO. I hadn't had any symptoms, but I had to know. I couldn't believe my eyes when that faint line appeared!
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  • The only thing that made me think something may have happened was that my boobs were not sore. On Clomid, they always got very sore starting the day after I ovulated. I had no other early signs.
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    I knew something was different when I was at work and I was getting dizzy and light headed. I thought I was just doing a lot of hard work and it was hot that day. I only got the idea that I might be pregnant when a coworker asked if I was after hearing my symptoms - she knew we had just started trying. 
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  • The boobs. Oh, how they HURT!

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  • I remember a hot yoga class 1 week before the BFP. I was laying flat on my back after the class and cooling down/meditating on how I felt and then I felt a tingling in my left ovary -I thought, oh my god I might be pregnant! I started crying tears of joy right then! It was all exhaustion after that until 2nd tri hit. 
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  • My dog got super-protective of me, barked and lunged at anyone who came near me. Then a week later I developed an aversion to coffee.
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  • Food aversions and morning sickness. Boobs were sore but just like period sore nothing unusual. I also had alot of dizzy spells. But omg i would get so carsick and couldnt understand why. I was smoking at the time as wel i quit as soon as i found out i was.preggo and havent gone back since
  • The week my period was due I had a lot of pinching feelings in my ovary area.  I remembered this from DD so I thought I could be pregnant.  I took a test right at my missed period time and got a positive!
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  • When I would feed my dogs, I would GAG over the smell of their food... I never have a problem with it (I even worked in a dog boarding facility where dog food was all around me).
  • Twinges.  I kept getting this twingy, twangy feeling around the spot where my right ovary is.  It felt like someone was plucking a guitar string down there. I'd never felt the feeling before in my whole life, and since we had been TTC for two months I had a very good idea what it was....
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  • The day my period was due (we were TTC) I had cramps, but they were different from normal cramps. Took the test and there was a very, very faint line.
  • I think I had almost every symptom possible hit me at once - fatigue, nausea, dizziness, cramping, etc. I thought for a month straight that I was coming down w/ the flu but it never happened. I had taken a test after feeling like that for 2 weeks & it was negative. But 2 weeks or so later, after realizing I had missed my period, I took it again - twice. And here we are!
  • a headache everyday at the same time. It happened in my other pregnancies too. I was also light headed. 
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  • Insomnia and violent mood swings. I was standing in the grocery store trying to select a can of beans and clutching my husband and crying and saying, "I don't know why I'm crying!!!" and he said.. I think you need to go home and take a pregnancy test.
  • Well what made me test was the fact that I got a terrible migraines, took one of my meds and was going to take a 2nd because that didn't work and I thought, crap I shouldn't be taking this without testing.  So I sent my DH to the store to get a pee stick even though I was sure it would be negative since they have been negative for 7 years... I wanted to make myself feel better about taking the meds.  Imagine my shock when it was positive!  Oh my lord I am tearing up right now just thinking about it.  DH kept asking over and over when I did my hcg shot.  He was convinced it was a false positive but I knew exactly when I took it. 

    I didn't really get any other symptoms until a few weeks later when morning sickness set in full force.

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  • image michyme123:

    The boobs. Oh, how they HURT!

    Yup, this.



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  • Missed period!  Symptoms didn't start for me until a week to 10 days after I knew I was pregnant!  I thought I was so lucky!  Yeah right!  Then the heartburn & morning sickness hit!

     I was just looking at a pic of me and DH on his bay last year and thinking that on the night or next few days I got pregnant.  It's been an amazing year! 

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  • My boobs were my tell tale sign!

    I didn't have much before DS (I got some after him which was nice) but they just looked fuller to me.  I tested (about 2 days before I was supposed to get AF) and it came back POSITIVE.  Sept. 22nd (it was the day before my husbands 30th surprise party) I'll never forget that feeling!

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