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wearing 9 mos clothing at 11.5 weeks

My LO has outgrown almost everything. He's now wearing 9 months outfits comfortably....I had so many 3-6 mos outfits that he has not even worn but has already grown out of...I guess I have to shop for 12 mos and up at this point...I like dressing him in onesies..

Anyone else's LO growing out of clothes he/she barely wore? 

Re: wearing 9 mos clothing at 11.5 weeks

  • This happened with DD, she was on the small side and never seemed to stay with clothes within her age.  I was going through her stuff to see what was gender netural and I have so many things still with tags.  I donted some of it to an organziation my MIL is involved with. The rest I kept incase we have another.  If you have  carters outfits with tags they will let you exchange with receipt and get full refund without a deadline. If no receipt you can exchange for current price. 
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  • I have the same problem! My LO is only 16 weeks old and I have him in 12mos clothing already! I had so many cute outfits that he never got to wear. He's a big baby :)

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  • Yep, DS2 is in the 80th %ile for height and 90th for weight (just found out at his 2 month appt today) and he's going through clothes so fast. He has some Gerber brand onesies, size 6-9 months that are getting snug, and in Carter's brand clothes he's outgrowing 6 month stuff. At just over 2 months I for sure wouldnt dress him in anything smaller than 6 months.
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  • my little one just turned 11 weeks today and he has been in 9-12 month clothes for the past 2 weeks, he is in the 100% in waight and the 50% in hight he outgrew the 3-6 month outfits in less than a week with that last growth spurt and i didnt think i needed outfits this big till atleast this winter so i just had to go buy tons of new clothes from 9-18 months i think i'm ready for his next growth spurt now Smile
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