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How's it going ladies? Q from a June 2011 mom. :)

I'm a June 2011 mom.  DH and I were looking at old videos of DD last night and it got me thinking about her newer days.  I just can't believe how big and strong she is now.  Anyway, all the reminiscing made me think about y'all and how it won't be long for June 2013 moms to start popping up.  Crazy!!!

So how's everyone doing?   Anyone already pregnant again?  We had a couple get pregnant at this point last year.  So don't act like it's a crazy question. lol

Re: How's it going ladies? Q from a June 2011 mom. :)

  • Aww that's nice of you to ask!! It's crazy how fast they grow. It's so cliche to say time flies but it really does!  Your dd is absolutely adorable, btw:) 

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  • It does go so fast!!!  DH and I cannot believe DS is 11 weeks old already!  He is truly the light of our lives and we couldn't imagine a day without him...so in love!  And yikes, I could not imagine being pregnant again already!!!  (Hopefully this time NEXT year!)  ;)

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  • So far everything is going great!  He's growing up so quickly that I could cry though!!  He's just starting to smile a ton, which I love :)

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  • Things are going great!

    Then again, it's not my first time playing the game either.

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  • Things are going great thanks for asking Big Smile And we're waiting a year before we start trying again Wink

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  • going great here, my boy has grown from 9.9lbs to 17.5lbs and 21 inches to 14 inches in the past 11 weeks and we are getting closer and closer every day :) my husband is from a huge catholic family (12 kids) and he wants to start again sometime around october... my mom has 7 kids and we are all spaced 2-3 years apart but they are all around 1 year apart Indifferent but i know that i will be happy eather way Smile
  • Doing well! Thanks for asking. :) I think I've come a long way since first having my LO. I was having bad baby blues and anxiety but am doing much better now.

    My DS is wonderful. I'm trying to really savor this time with him. He's getting so big already!

    Not pregnant again! We want to wait a couple of years. But I was joking with DH that if we want a June 2013 baby we better get on that! Lol!

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  • I was suppose to be a June mom so I'm chiming in.  Things are going great and I'm still in awe of our little guy.  I can't begin to imagine what he'll be doing this time next year.  Nope, not pregnant again yet but I openly admit that I took a test earlier today wondering if we had slipped up (I would have been totally ok if we had).

    Also thanks for the reminder that we need to video more. I have tons of pictures but very few videos. 

    Thanks for asking. 

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