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Beyond Morning Sickness..Twins!

I don't know about anyone else, but I have had one hech of a time the last several weeks. I found out at 7 weeks that I was pregnant with identical twins which is wonderful news, however the morning sickness is so much more severe. I have what they call Hyperemesis where the morning sickness is so severe and my nausea is constant 24/7. Because of the joys of this, I am now scheduled today to have a Picc Line (central line that stays in my arm) put in today and I have a home infusion company coming to my house to provide me with TPN (IV Nutrition) and IV Zofran as a last resort!

 Has anyone else been faced with such severe morning sickness? Any ideas to help get through this? This is my first pregnancy and I am trying so hard to go to work and keep everything ok with my job that I love. How has work been for you? I am so terrified of whats to come if this is only week 11!! Need some positive thoughts :)



Re: Beyond Morning Sickness..Twins!

  • I am not familiar with this.  I just wanted to say good luck to you!  Do doctors think it will ease up as the pregnancy progresses?  I hope you get some relief from the central line!
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  • Good luck! Hopefully your m/s will subside in a few weeks when you get into the 2nd tri.

    As far as a Picc Line, it is completely safe for you and the twins, so long as you follow your dr's instructions (and are careful not to pull it out by mistake) so no need to worry about it. Your dr will most likely take you off of that as soon as your m/s subsides to help you get back to a "normal" pregnancy.

    On work- my company is anti-pregnancy, and cut my hours when they found out. Many other women on this board have not had a problem with work, so don't let my company's actions discourage you. DH's boss found out (from one of DH's coworkers that we are good friends with) and was totally supportive and was telling him that any paternity leave he may need to take is completely fine and kept congratulating him.

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  • A friend of mine is pregnant with twins and had really bad morning sickness.  Good news is that at 11.5 weeks it subsided and she felt a lot better!  Hopefully you will be on the upside very soon!
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  • My best friend had Hyperemesis gravidarum in her second pregnancy. I know that she was hospitalized for about a week, but if it makes you feel better she did get better later in the pregnancy and most importantly she had a healthy baby girl. :)
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  • Hyperemesis isn't just a twin thing, but glad your doc is taking your concerns seriously and not messing around! I've never had a PICC line or TPN, just taken care of lots of people with them. Biggest concern will be keeping the line clean/dry. I'm sure that you'll have a home health nurse come to care for it, and they'll probably teach you how to flush with saline and heparin.

    I bet you'll feel a lot better once everything is said and done. And think--a PICC is access for IV meds like Zofran and Phenergan! 

  • Yes! Not with this pregnancy but with my last 2 I had HG. My 1st pregnancy was the worst- I also ended up with a PICC line and IV therapy at home as well as a zofran pump. I'm sorry you are feeling so terrible but honestly you will notice a world of difference once they get the PICC set up and the IV's going 24/7. I had peripheral IV's (in my hand) for like 2.5 weeks before they did the PICC and it was awful b/c my veins kept blowing and they were running out of places to run the IV, while the PICC is more invasive it really is much easier. I ended up with an infection in my PICC line but I won't scare you with those details since it was an unusual situation- my best advice is to just take it slow. Don't expect to feel up to doing anything, don't push yourself too hard b/c it takes such a long time to physically recover. Hopefully they will be able to get a handle on the m/s with the fluids and you will get to feeling better soon! I needed the IV's and zofran pump from 7wks until 16wks then I was able to manage keeping enough down orally though I was sick my entire pregnancy (it got better!) 

    Are they going to do a zofran pump too? I would ask about that also since you will already be having the home health company working with you-- are you going to be using Alere? That is who I used both times (with DD though I only needed the zofran pump, no IV fluids!) Hang in there mama- you can do it and I *promise* it is worth it in the end! Let me know if you have any questions! 

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  • I'm having twins and the morning sickness has been horrible since week 5!  I can't wait to feel normal again.  I also have hypermesis but not as severe as to need an IV.  I really hope it gets better for the both of us soon. 
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