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spit up and hiccups?

Is it completely normal for my little one 4 days old to spit up after every feeding?? He doesn't vomit or projectile or anything or fuss. He just spits up all the time. He's on gentle formula and even did it with breast milk. Also he frequently has hiccups?

Re: spit up and hiccups?

  • Not really sure about the spit up but I think mine spits up about every feeding. I think some of it has to do with where there air bubbles are at and if food is on top. She is breastfed though. my baby is six weeks and gets the hiccups pretty frequently. Especially after she spits up if she doesn't get it all spit out I dont think.
  • Hiccups are normal and very common for most babies. My  LO got them all the time and at 9 weeks she still gets them but not as bad.

    She did not spit up at first but so more now(she is not a good burper) Its perfectly normal, I think if its gets to be more and more then I would just ask the doctor.

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  • My LO spits up frequently--not every feed but more times than not.  She also has the hiccups at least once a day. Neither were reason for concern according to her pediatrician.  



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  • DD still gets the hiccups all the time. I hear they diminish after 3 months, so that's what I'm hoping for.

    Her hiccups are usually caused by burps (rather than prevented by them). 

  • just be glad that your lo doesnt spit up like mine does... benjamin doesnt spit up when i'm holding him or birping him, its always when he is laying down and it scares the ever living crap out of me because out of no wher he will start coughing and then start screaming because he spit up while sleeping and chokes... now i always have him sleep next to me and propped up on his side so it reduses the choking...
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