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Halloween Costume!

I just ordered this Halloween costume for Zachary!

Of course my "Mister Monkey" will be a Monkey!

Anyone else thought about Halloween yet?

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Re: Halloween Costume!

  • LOVE it!!!

    I want Owen to be a dinosaur.. I call him "baby dino" all the time because when he's hungry he like lunges at you with his mouth open making this growl sound LOL.. it cracks me up :)  So, naturally, he must be a dino for Samhain!! 

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  • DD is going to be the elephant from Carters.  She'll be so stinkin' cute!

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  • Em is going to be a cat girl. I had the ears already so all I have to get is a tail for her. I bought her dress the other day. She going to be so freaking Cute. She loves acting like a kitten. I don't even know if I will have pumpkin by then. I hope so but halloween day I would be 41 weeks if he hasn't come on his own. So I am not going to be getting pumpkin a costume. But if he is here I will get him a baby's first onesie or something.

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  • C was a pea pod last year, so we'll use the same costume for baby number two.
    C will either be a cow or a lion. The cow is 18m and the liOn is 12m, so whatever one fits the best.

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  • Halloween is my favorite holiday! I am thinking now I'd like Miss E to be R2-D2. She has little shoes already and decorating a onesie and hat should be doable!

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  • DS is probably going to be a minion from Despicable Me.
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