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If you had a late loss...

How in the world did you get through the last few weeks of your rainbow pregnancy??  I hope you don't mind me posting... but suddenly a pregnancy that went so fast feels like it's slowed completely.  I'm days away from my loss milestone and everything sets me off.  I just got told I have a UTI and now I'm terrified that the antibiotics are going to hurt my baby.  I hardly slept at all last night... when most people get so excited for the home stretch I just feel myself getting more and more terrified.  How did you do it???
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Re: If you had a late loss...

  • I understand completely. Every day was like walking on eggshells. I tried to keep myself as busy as possible. When I couldn't sleep I would go into the nursery and reorganize everything. Take everything out of the drawers and then put them back in. Take out all the little outfits to look at them then fold them again and put them away.

    I also tried to surround myself with family and friends as often as I could. My SILs were amazing and came over to visit anytime I called. 

    I hope your UTI clears up fast. You will get through this! Big hugs! 

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  • I was a wreck! I really think the only thing that got e through it was twice a week NST's and twice a week BPP's along with my regular weekly apt. 
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  • *hugs*  Hi lovey.  I agree with Mrs.Nice.  Stay as busy as possible.  Take these last few weeks to organize, and re-organize.  Trust me, you won't have any time after, lol!  I think this particular week seems so slow for you because of your  milestone.  I remember hitting a "bump" in the road too around the same time (and I was past my milestone).  Then, once I reached 34 weeks I started freaking out because it was coming too fast.  I know it's hard.  Try to stay focused on anything and everything but the pregnancy.  It isn't easy, I know.  Hang in there, momma!  <3
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  • My loss was much earlier, but I had similar feelings around the time of my loss. The weeks from about 15-24 went insanely slow and I held my breath through the whole thing. Huge T&P to you and I hope you can breathe easier soon!
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  • Mine was an infant loss so I spent the entire pregnancy like that. I even still worry at times now. I did my best to keep busy and not think about the things that could go wrong. I had to continually remind myself that this was a different pregnancy and a different baby. One that would be healthy and that I could take home.

    P.S. I also had a UTI around the same time in my pregnancy (34 weeks I think) and DS is perfectly happy and healthy. :)

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  • I didn't start "believing" my pg until 36 wks and still felt that it wouldn't be so until I held a living breathing child in my arms.  (After 5 early pg losses, one that almost cost me my life and too many friends with infant/child loss.)  In the last weeks I just kept on with work and friend commitments.  Cried when I needed to, pouted when I needed too, smiled when I could.

    Congrats on near 33 w!  I hope the UTI clears up quickly.  T&P to meet your rainbow babe in person in ~7 weeks! (+ or -)

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  • We had our lost 23 weeks... and I am still holding my breath. Scared we have a nursery set up and everything bought for a baby that won't come home. It's a horrible feeling.
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