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Dhl and I started trying again. We have had no luck and are looking to try IVF if we don't get pregnant by January(which would complete 2 years of trying) does anyone have success stories or anything they can share about it? The risks that anyone has faced? I've done research but there's no better answer than from someone who has experienced it before. I specially want to know if anyone has gone through this process in a military hospital. The reason I say that is because all the doctors there have given me sifferent answers and they couldn't tell I had an ectopic on my appointment the day before I was Admitted to a civilian hospital in danger of my tube bursting. Also I would like to know your point of view on surrogacy. I have a best friend that is like a sister who offered to help me with that as far as carrying the baby. I don't know if that's an option for me. Has anyone had experience with that too? I know I want this so much. I've lost three babies and I don't think I would be able to take the pain again. Thank you for reading. 

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  • I'm really sorry for your loss. I know how frustrating it can be to be let down each month. I don't have any advice on surrogacy, I think you and your DH would need to decide that. This isn't the best place to ask for success stories, though. Most women here have very recently suffered a loss. Pregant After A Loss, Pregnant After Infertility, or Parenting After a Loss might be the best place for such questions. GL

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