1st Trimester

when did you tell your family?

I'm sure this gets asked everyday. We told at 5 weeks last time, DH wants to wait 12 this time.

I'm thinking 8.

Re: when did you tell your family?

  • We are telling mine tomorrow night (eek!) and my H's Friday.  I will be a little over 9 weeks.  We wanted to wait until we saw the baby and heard the h/b on the doppler to tell.  We will tell extended family (grandmothers, aunts, uncles, etc) after 12 weeks.

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  • We told immediate family right away. Everyone else at 12 weeks.
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  • I want to tell MIL right away. I feel like I would want her to know if something happened. But I'm not sure I want everyone to know, and my parents will have a bird if we don't drive back home to tell them. So we might have to wait.
  • yeah, i can't keep a secret, I posted it on facebook the day after I found out (I told immediate family that day)


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  • We're telling our mom's Labor Day weekend, I'll be 7 weeks.  We'll tell the rest of the family after we hear the h/b at 10 weeks.  
  • We'll tell family after our first u/s and everyone else at 12 wks.
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  • We've told on a need to know basis so far, but it's started to creep out beyond the few that truly needed to know. Which is something I expected so I'm not upset about it. We had to abandon a large family get together very very last moment (I was going to the bathroom before we started driving to the second part and saw red spotting so we left immediately) and I'm pretty sure that most everyone present (inlaws)  suspects or knows now.

    But I really wanted to wait until 8 weeks. Buuuut now there are people who deserve to know (like my sister who isn't in my inlaws gossip loop) before it becomes common gossip so I'm going to have to tell soon. Probably Friday at 7 weeks.

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  • DH wants to wait for what seems like forever. He just wants to "make sure everything is ok". We won't know that for sure until our 12 week u/s. We'll be telling on Labour Day when I'm about 8 weeks.
  • We've told immediate family members and two close friends. We will tell other people in person after the first appointment and will post on Facebook at 12 weeks.
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  • Told immediate family immediately.  Told everyone else aroun 11-12 weeks.
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  • We told my inlaws MIL FIL SIL and BIL right away. They knew we had been trying for a while and MIL knew I had a LF defect so we wanted her to know right away. I think we will tell everyone else around 1216 weeks depending on if we get an early ultrasound or not.
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  • I told my close friends right away. However, DH wants to tell family in person, who live 6 hours away. So I have to wait until the first week of October (13 weeks!) to tell them when we go up for a visit. And I can't post it on FB before we tell our family. It's KILLING me ;)
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  • We told our moms and my brother about 2-3 days after we found out and 2 very close friends, one of whom just happened to guess that I was pregnant, which was really random, and I couldnt deny it. I'm a terrible liar.

     Telling my dad after our first appointment next week. I'm terrified to tell him for some reason. 

    Probably will tell everyone else in the next few weeks. People are going to start wondering why all of a sudden I quit having a glass of wine and just up and quit smoking. I will probably be outed to another handful of people this weekend at my husbands birthday celebration.. 



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  • Pretty much immediately.  I got my bfp, waited for DH to come home from work, told him and we went to my parents.  His mom and bro came for dinner the next night where we told them.
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  • My immediate family we told right away for our first pregnancy and for this one. Even though my first pregnancy ended in a m/c, I am still glad to have my family's support. They helped make that time feel less painful.

    As far the extended family and friends, we told them on Monday after the doctor said that he fully expects us to be changing diapers this time next year.

    But you should do what you think feels right.

  • We told my family at 8 weeks because we were there for Christmas and then told his family around 12 weeks when they had their Christmas get together.

    This time, i told 3 of my friends right away because we all joke about each other getting pregnant again one has 4 kids, and the other 2 have Irish twins

    Not sure when or how to tell family about this one. We weren't planning it and i had an iud so told everyone we were waiting at least 3 years...
  • We told our friends and family right away...we did ivf so all my close friends and family knew. I worn announce it till after my NT scan... 

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