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Have 5 days to deliver before OB induces me.

Due to various circumstances, my OB is only letting me go 3 days past my EDD before she induces me. While I want this baby out ASAP desperately, the thought of being induced with pitocin terrifies me. I want to have a natural birth SO bad, and have wanted to since the second I found out I was pregnant...but I'm not sure I can do it if they have to give me pit. 

I've tried all the at home old wives tales, -- been walking, bouncing on my yoga ball, eating spicy food, having sex, etc. EVERY day since 38 weeks when my OB gave me the news. I don't think anything I'm going to do at home is going to help. 

So I guess I'm asking 2 things...

#1: Is there some other alternative I can ask them to try instead of pitocin?

#2: Does anyone have any successful natural birth stories even after pit?  

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Re: Have 5 days to deliver before OB induces me.

  • Have you tried acupuncture?



  • Haven't tried acupuncture, but I can't afford it and insurance doesn't cover it :[.
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  • In my birthing class they talk about taking things one step at a time. Rather than going right to pitocin, why can't they start with cervidil, for example. (I know cervidil gets a bad wrap, but it can be removed and is more mild than pitocin). Also- 5 days is a ways away! You could be home with a new baby by then : )

    Good luck momma! 

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  • I've not ever been in your situation, but I don't think your OB can force you to be induced - or make you have any medical procedure for that matter... you may have to sign a waiver or something that indicates you're choosing not to do what they are advising you to do.

    Granted, that could strain the relationship with your OB but I say do what you feel is right for you and your LO.  GL!

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  • I did end up getting an epi after pit, but there are a few things that in hind sight may have changed things so that I could have the birth I wanted.

    1) being ok/ coming to terms with the fact that I needed pit. My water broke and I went about 10 hours without going into labor. I wasn't prepared to have an induced labor and it was mentally impossible for me to deal with, with no warning.

    2)Being well rested. Because I really didn't realize that my water had broke (I thought I was peeing my pants) I worked all day, and hadn't gotten much sleep the night before. I was exhausted, and that coupled with my surprise induction made it pretty tough for me to fight for what I wanted. I was defeated pretty easily

    3) having my husband well rested. I don't hold it against him, but if he had been better rested, he would have been a better support. I really needed someone to rally for me and because he hadn't had any sleep the night before either, he wasn't able to support me like I needed him to.

    I don't think it's impossible, a friend of mine has had 5 babies with no epi and had pitocin for all 5 labors.

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  • My water had broken but I wasn't having any contractions, so we tried misoprostol (brand name Cytotec -  a pill inserted next to your cervix) before pit.   That worked, and we never moved on to the pit.

    I was having contractions within about 4 hours of the first dose (I got 2 doses of miso), and had a med free delivery less than 9 hours after the first dose.  Every labor is different - don't let horror stories scare you.

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  • Are they actually going straight to pit? If so I assume you are already dilated and effaced some? I was nothing - 0 dilated, 0 effaced, etc when I went in for my induction for DD1. I was 40w5d. I had cervadil and was able to avoid pit b/c the cervadil put me into labor (my water broke and I was 3cm 2 hours later). I was able to have the rest of the labor med-free, but I had already told myself that if I needed to get Pit that getting an epi was okay. 

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  • Remember that it's 5 days to be in labor - not necessarily 5 days to deliver... gives you a little extra time :)

    My plan, if I need to be induced, is to ask for cervadil to ripen the cervix before talking about pitocin. (There is another drug that many OBs use - commonly called cytotec, I don't remember the generic name right now - that is not approved for use in women to induce labor. There's a debate about this and I won't comment past to say that my choice will be cervadil and I personally won't accept cytotec).

    Another option is the foley bulb.

    Some women opt to have their waters broken. I personally have mixed feelings on this, as in my hospital, they want baby out of you 24 hours after rupture... which means if the rest of the induction happens slowly, you could find yourself out of time and facing a c-section. Again, ask about hospital and OB policy on this one.

    The other thing to talk to your OB about is the dose of pitocin and how long you need to have it. You can start at a very small dose and agree to a gradual increase (and talk about what gradual really means). If you get into a regular contraction pattern, ask if it can be turned off and see if your body takes over naturally.

    No experience with pit, so I can't comment on that... but I have heard stories of women making it through med-free.

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  • Have you had your membranes stripped?  If not, try that...also, you can stimulate some accupressure points at home yourself.

    I don't know how effective accupressure is, but i was put on the clock by my OB as well and my brother, who is a chiropractor, had me doing some of these points in the days leading up to the birth.  I was getting worried like you and was walking, do these accupressure points, and had my membranes swept.  I ended up having her 3 days after my due date, but a week before the OB was going to induce.  Good luck!

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  • I tried everything too- walking miles, bouncing, eating entire pineapples, spicy food etc. I had membranes stripped twice and two doses of cervadil. I was seeing a midwife and planned on a birth center birth. However after 42 weeks I could no longer go to the birth center.

    For me- the cervadil gave me 8 hours of painful contractions each time. It was horrible. Before it I was 1-2 cm, after it I was 1-2cm.

    In the end, I checked into the hospital at 42 weeks for a pitocin induction. I was in tears at the loss of my birth plan. Even after 6 hours of pitocin I was 2cm. This baby did NOT want to come out. The midwife broke my water and then it moved quickly.

    I can't compare my contractions to non pitocin ones because ive only had one baby. However, I can say that pitocin contractions are very close together and, after the midwife broke my water, VERY PAINFUL. But, I believe birth is painful for everyone so I dunno. When it got to the level of "OMG I Can't do it anymore I need drugs give me drugs OMG I am dying". She said I was 8-9 cm and almost time to push. So, then I knew I could go without drugs.

    My labor was fast, 11 hours total and the first 6 hours the pain was very little. So maybe that is one "benefit" to the pitocin induction for me.

    My midwife did say that while the cervadil appeared to do nothing, that doesn't mean it didnt. Possibly she said without that prep beforehand, I may not have had such a quick labor. So maybe it did "work" a bit.

    Anyway, I would say despite my birth plan being "ruined" and having to go to the hospital and be hooked up to an IV and monitors from the get go, I feel like my L&D actually went quite well! I do hope next time to have a chance to go into labor naturally and see what that feels like, but it is TOTALLY doable to have a pitocin induction and still manage to not have pain medication.

    Good luck!

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  • image hibiscus29:

    Have you had your membranes stripped?  If not, try that...also, you can stimulate some accupressure points at home yourself.

    I don't know how effective accupressure is, but i was put on the clock by my OB as well and my brother, who is a chiropractor, had me doing some of these points in the days leading up to the birth.  I was getting worried like you and was walking, do these accupressure points, and had my membranes swept.  I ended up having her 3 days after my due date, but a week before the OB was going to induce.  Good luck!

    This. I would get my membranes stripped first. Also, about the miso (cyto) suggestion. I would do some research first. I am glad it worked for PP but I hear that it is not a drug approved for induction and yet they use it as it can be effective and cheap but I can come with lots of serious side effects. Good luck to you! Sending "come out baby fairy dust" your way
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  • Ask if they will let you try a foley bulb first. It is non-medicated and has a good success rate.



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  • I would try to get the date pushed to at least 41 weeks, if not past that. Start inserting Evening Primrose Oil vaginally, I would do 2 capsules each night. Also take two orally each day. This should help a lot. EPO helps your body naturally balance the hormones required for birth and it works fast! Good luck on telling your OB what YOU want to do, not having them tell you what THEY want to do!
  • I wasn't induced, however my OB claimed I had stalled at 6cm so she wanted to start pitocin.  (This was my first pregnancy, I was only 4 hours into labor and had been at 6cm for about an hour.  But we won't get into that...)  I wasn't as informed as I should have been and I agreed to the pitocin.  I was still able to continue my labor pain-med free.  I strongly believe that a big part of your ability to go natural is your mental state.  So make up your mind from now that that is what you'll do, despite the pitocin.  Good luck.  You can do it!  
  • I'm not sure what your medical reasons are, but the ACOG (and many states) do not consider a woman "post dates" until 42 weeks. 

    That being said, you could try hypnosis.  Hypnobabies has a track, Come out baby that might encourage you, your body and your baby.

    I hope you find something that works for you.  Also, please remember no one "lets" you do anything.  This is your body and your pregnancy.  Your baby does not have a calendar.

    And one more thing, Cytotec is NOT approved for pregnant women, please do your research. 


  • 3 days past EDD is a little aggressive, I don't think they can force an induction that early!  Like pp's said, maybe you can sign something to hold off but you might not want to risk your relationship with your OB. I guess it depends on how bad you don't want to be induced! Also definitely ask about other options before pitocin.
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