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sleeping issues?

My LO is STILL not sleeping through night. He still needs to be rocked/bottle to sleep or will literally stand in his crib and scream for hours. When he's finally asleep he gets up between 2-4am no matter what time he went down. Any suggestions?

Re: sleeping issues?

  • My kid still likes to be rocked. Meh. Whatever. Bonding time. No kid ever went to college being rocked.

    My LO sleeps all night 4 days out of the week and wakes up once the other 3. I just give in and give her a sippy. It's easiest, we're all back to bed in 2 minutes, no screaming required. I don't see the big deal either.

  • I don't need to rock DS to sleep, but we do have a very calming bedtime routine of nursing, singing, and then to bed.  He gets up once per night to nurse still.  "Everyone" says that babies should be STTN by now, but statistically most aren't.  I have absolutely no issues getting up once per night to nurse him as it takes a max of 5 minutes and we are both barely awake for it.  Plus, if I get rid of that middle of the night feeding I worry about how early he will wake up.  :-)  
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  • Try tweaking the schedule a little bit. For some reason when my DD went to one nap, she started STTN. Technically, she doesn't sleep all the way, but I think 7:45-5 am is pretty much there. I nurse her then and she usually is down for another hour and then up for the day.  I think it is because she was more tired for nighttime sleep. If you are already at one nap, try putting it in the middle of the day, so there are a lot of awake hours before bedtime. We also do something really active with her about an hour before her bedtime routine starts. Also maybe try like a comfort stuffed animal.
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  • I'm still up for 2 nighttime nursing sessions, that are lasting 45 minutes each.  I don't know WHAT'S going on but I hope it's teeth (AKA it will end).  This mom is tired.

    She's not CRYING when she wakes...just fussing/stirring.  Since I don't get to see her before I leave for work in the AM.....I don't usually mind going to her. 

  • My LO still gets either rocked (H) or nursed (me) to sleep for naps/bedtime. IMO there's nothing wrong with this, they are still little and if he needs some cuddling to sleep that's fine. I don't think we'll be rocking him to sleep in high school, kwim?

    LO wakes up a few times to nurse, but he goes right back to sleep. Seems easier to nurse him back to sleep, which takes ~5min, than let him get all worked up. We all get more sleep this way. 

    IMO there's no "right" way, some kids sleep longer stretches at night early on but others it takes longer. Some kids need to be soothed for a while and some get the hang of going back to sleep on their own earlier. It's like anything, there's a wide variation of normal. At the end of the day, you should do what works best for you/LO to maximize sleep and not worry about what bumpies or the neighbors or whomever kids are doing.

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    My only advice is try to stay as sane as possible. My dd needed to be rocked or nursed to sleep for a very long time but now I can just sit in the glider next to her crib. No clue what made the difference for her other than her being ready. Sorry you're still going thru this!
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