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when to announce?

Just had my first pregnancy confirmed at my dr's. I'll find out next week how far along I am. Now I'm wondering when we should break the news to our families. At this point, I'm okay with waiting a while. How far along did you wait before announcing?

Unfortunately, the next time we'll see both families is in about a month ..1 week before DHs sister's wedding who can't stand me. It will be a visit unrelated to the nuptuals. Not probably ideal timing, but I certainly wouldn't announce that at any of her wedding festivities! I've considered telling just our parents prior to and not telling anyone else until after the wedding to keep the peace.

Re: when to announce?

  • One reason why you may not have had any responses is because many of the ladies here are early in their first pregnancies. Therefore, they may be like you and have not announced to their families yet. :)

    In my first pregnancy, I was just coming off a miscarriage and was therefore skittish about telling anyone before I hit 2nd tri. I ended up telling my closest friends and family around 7-8 weeks, my direct boss right after my NT scan at 12 weeks, and the rest of my coworkers at 13-14 weeks.

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  • We're telling just our mom's at 7 weeks.  We will tell the rest of the family once we hear the h/b at 10 weeks. I'm just hoping my MIL can keep a secret for 3 weeks! 
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