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In honor of Breastfeeding Awareness Month, every Tuesday in August we will have a lactation consultant on hand to answer all of your breastfeeding questions!

Today's expert is Deirdre McLary. Deirdre's username on The Bump is DeirdreIBCLC and she will be on duty from 1-3 p.m. EST. Just post to this thread and include "LC" at the start of your post so she'll know which ones to check and answer.

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Re: It's Tata Tuesday! Chat with a lactation consultant from 1-3 pm EST

  • Hi everyone, I'm here!  It's a lovely Tuesday where I'm sitting.  Have my iced coffee and am ready to chat! :-) 
  • LC: I have been breastfeeding exclusively for 3 months.. just recently i had to substitute to formula because i had to go back to work which i work for 10 hours a day. I pump at work, but only get about 5 ounces in a whole days worth.. Is that a low milk supply can i boost it up! its just hard for me because i have 2 jobs.. one is my own personal business! my fiancee wont let me stop pumping but i hate doing it because i hardly ever get any milk.. what can i do?
  • LC: I feel like I might be dealing with a mild dose of thrush. It's only on one breast and my DS doesn't seem to have it, yet. I've been feeling a sharp burning pain when LO begins to feed and then for a while after he finishes. I've started putting Lotrimin AF on my nipple after cleaning it, so my question is how often should I apply it and does it need to be cleaned off before nursing?
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  • Hi everyone!!! 6 months pregnant full of questions here! Ready to learn!!!! :)
  • LC, when I returned to work I was not able to pump as much as I needed to. Now my daughter is 5 months and I can tell a big difference in my milk production. What is a safe way to keep from drying up? I heard that taking Fenugreek would help but wanted to make sure that will be ok for my baby?
  • LC

     I have a breastfeeding question that I've been curious about. I was unable to breastfeed and it caused a lot of depression because I was all prepared to, but I'm not going to get into that story with my first child. What I want to know is that, has anyone here been unable to breastfeed one child because of milk supply issues but was able to successfully breastfeed another child and supply wasn't a problem? Is there anything I can do while trying to have another child to prepare my supply in the future? I did take blessed thistle and fenugreek afterwards.

    I've talked about having another baby and I would love to try breastfeeding again, but if I'm just not physically able to do it idk if I could handle failing again. So anyone go through anything similar to this?
  • LC

     My daughter is 6 weeks old on Friday.  Since about week 2 I have been pumping and giving her bottles of breast milk.  My husband and I went this route because we were not having success with her latching.  My question is: If I keep pumping regularly will my supply last as long as if I kept naturally breastfeeding?  I am returning to work on Monday and I am truly worried that I will not be able to breastfeed her as long as I would like to because we decided to start pumping.

  • LC:  I've got to head back to work in a few short weeks, but I'm not sure how to pump at home while I'm still nursing.  Also, how do I know how much milk to send him with?  Is there a way to figure out how much he is drinking during the day?  Anything else I need to prep for?
  • I feel you! I to have to supplement and have such a hard time during the day finding time to pump! I asked a similar question to. 
  • Hi Loverface12,

    Congrats on EBF (exclusive bfing) for 3mos. Sounds like it's more of a relationship issue than a milk issue I'm afriad.  You really need to work out with your fiancee what works for you and for baby and come to an agreement that feels right for you.  

    As much as I'm a fan of making it work, trying to find a way to keep pumping -- if it's just too much for you, you need to honor that.  Maybe reach out to La Leche League to see if you can find support for working moms?  See if there are ways to make pumping easier, things you hadn't considered or tried? is a great website too for issues with lower supply and how to increase.  

    Best of luck!


  • LC: 

    Hi Deirdre, I'm a FT working mom of a 7 month old. She is doing amazing with breastfeeding and eating-- she is seriously the happiest baby! However, with the demands at work and commuting to work-- I've noticed I started pumping less ounces. I have had to use some of my frozen 'stash' for her daily bottles to bring to daycare and I'm afraid that I'm slowing down. Is this enough to start weaning her? I basically nurse her in the morning when we wake up, then when I get home and to bed. I'm afraid though that I will not be able to keep up my milk supply, that I'm not pumping enough to feed her. Also, what are some tips when starting to stop breastfeeding??

    Thank you! -Melissa   

  • LC,

    I am the mom to a 1 month old baby boy and had a question for you. My son will go nearly all day attached to the boob. I can't seem to catch a break. He wants to feed nearly nonstop. I am feeling exhausted with it and want to be able to get a break. Are there any tips on getting more of a milk production? This has been going on now for 2 weeks!

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  • LC:

    I work full time and my commute is almost a total 3 hrs per day (plus I work 9 hr days), I will have a pump (won one and someone promised hopefully at least one makes it my way!) what is the best way of keeping breast milk good.  I have a freezer at the office, but my commute is done in a commuter bus...also I only have 4 weeks off...

    Additionally, when traveling (business travel by plane) what are some ways I can go through TSA and keep my breastmilk good for baby? 

  • trunkims,

    try organic coconut oil (it has anti-microbial properties) and get yourself on a good probiotic and/or combined yeast fighter pill.  Twin Labs used to make a supplement called "Yeast Fighter" which has acidophollis galore and garlic and good supplements to fight increased flora in our systems.  If YOU take it, it will help & support baby.  

    Hard to address yeast via internet, but look for that red, almost shiny nipple ring -- if you have a visible "rash" around nipple/areola, could very well be yeast.   Email me if you like, and I can help you find an IBCLC local to you if you felt you needed a visit to really check and make sure.  

    Is the nipple "blanched" after a feed?  When baby unlatches, is it white like circulation has been interrupted?


  • LC: Hello! and thank u for answering our questions. I'm due in 5 weeks and I had drops of milk coming out yesterday. is this normal? and do you have tips for engorgement if it should happen. I'm not able to bf due to medication i have to take so any tips on how to manage pain/engorgement would be GREATLY appreciated! :)
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  • LC: I am expecting my first, and trying to get everything prepared! I will be returning to work full-time at about 12 weeks, so will need to pump.  How far in advance should I start pumping?  Is it ok to go ahead any buy my pump now to be prepared?
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  • Hi Meskdh,

    Yes, Fenugreek.  It's considered a "galactagogue" and is fine to take, fine for baby, great for boosting milk supply (if you have a preexisting thyroid condition - then I'd check in with an IBCLC for wisdom and support as there may be reasons for you not taking fenugreek. email me if you need help finding one).

    I like Motherlove brand herbs for breastfeeding mothers.  And I believe the tinctures or pills are more potent and stronger than just a "mother's milk tea" that may have been sitting on a supermarket shelf for who knows how long.

    Try your healthfood store or take a look here to see if they're distributed near you.

    Best of luck,


  • LC: thanks for taking the time to answer questions.  I have a breastfed baby who has just started solids.  She still seems insatiable, eating a full feed every 1-2 hours yesterday!  As I add more solids to her diet how can I make sure that I keep enough nursing sessions in?  I know my pediatrician recommends an every-3-hour nursing schedule for babies over 4 months, but I've always let my baby eat on demand.  How do I determine when she wants solids and when to give her milk?
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  • LC: My little girl recently weaned from the nipple sheild and seems to be much more efficient at nursing as she does it much faster now. I was wondering how long an average nursing session is for a 6 month old? If it makes a difference, she eats from both breasts every time. 
  • LC Hello, I have a 21 days old and I am breastfeeding on demand, which means that I have my baby girl nursing all the time. There are not 2 or 3 hours intervals and except than twice a day. She spend around an hour or more nursing and sometimes she uses me as a pacifier. She was born a little small so she wants to gain weight and believe me she does she has already gained 1 kg (2.2 pounds). My only problem is that y nipples are sore and furthermore breastfeeeding is kind of painful. Sometimes she does not latch correctly and I am trying to correct her but it seems almost impossible to put a large amount of my areola in her mouth. But even when she latches correctly (which she does now) my nipples still hurt especially the first couple minutes. I have tried lanolin based ointments but it was worst. The only think that seems to help is breast shells but they hurt my areola while I wear them. What else can I do? Sometimes the pain is so intense that I am crying .

    Thank you


  • Hi Spindur,

    Thanks for being open about your curiosity.  The simple answer is probably "yes" -- very often we pick up where we left off, the experience of our first blazes the trail for improvement (muscle memory) for our second (third).   

    To really know and understand what may be your future with breastfeeding would definitely mean spending time with an IBCLC and going over the history of your first, understanding how/why milk supply was low, what can be done differently, create a goal/plan etc.  

    I couldn't answer about if you're physically not able to do it without a closer visit or discussion.  But if you have the desire and want to explore it -- I'd be your biggest champion!  If you need the names of good IBCLC & lactation consultant's near you, I'd be happy to help you find the best support.  Feel free to email me.

    good luck,



  • Hi DrouinGirl,

    It should yes.  You should get into a rhythm with your body where it responds to the pump the same as it would your little girl.  Just remember the rule of thumb is that to build a strong supply for "exclusively pumping moms" you should be hitting and maintaining the goal of pumping at least EIGHT times in a 24 hour period.

    Also, make sure your pump is a good one! Invest in a really good electric pump by one of these three brands - Ameda, Medela or Hygeia.



  • LC I have checked with my pediatrician if my baby has a thrush and she does not. Is it possible for me to have it?



  • Hi August1807Bride,

    Why re-invent the wheel - this is my favorite website for breastfeeding info (other than  my own Facebook page, lol) .... Great info on pumping & storage here.  

    As far as how to do it while you're still home, that can be tricky.  What many women do is only pump one side in order to still have a "full" side for baby when baby wants.

    Also try to pump 30 minutes before or after the last feed.  I know, easier said than done because you can't predict when baby may wake from a nap.  But usually 30 minutes after a feeding you can feel comfortable that some milk has returned and mom can probably pump a bit, get into a rhythm.  

    Good luck,


  • Your description is exactly how i felt when feeding. My son was diagnosed with thrush a week later. i thought it was latching issues. it got better after we got meds and creams for it.
  • LC------

    Hello my name is Brandy and I just had my daughter on July 22 and she was born at 36wk 5 days and weighed 5pounds, so for her size they had put her in the catorgory of a I was breastfeeding and supplementing. I have noticed my milk production has dropped and i did have  breast reduction back in 2004. I right now pump due to her only really staying on for ten minates before going to sleep or getting really frustrated. What are some ways to increase my milk supply other than increasing how many times i pump during the day, thank you!

  • LC:

    I'm currently exclusively nursing my 10-month-old (no formula), as well as giving solids. A few weeks ago, we found out I'm expecting #2. I would like to continue breastfeeding my daughter until she's at least a year old, but my milk supply has taken a big hit since getting pregnant. Any tips for boosting the supply? I've read that some of the herbs and teas that could help aren't good to take while pregnant.

    Thanks for your help!

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  • LC:  DD is 11.5 months old.  She nurses 3-5 times during day and once at night.  During day it is mid morning, before both naps, late afternoon and bedtime.  I pump 3x a day at work and she gets 3 bottles at daycare.  She is showing less interest in late day session.  I'd love to cut a pumping session at work.  Can I just drop the pump session and gradually reduce the bottle and substitute snack?  Will that impact supply as I'm not ready to totally wean yet.
  • Hi MelissaBrowne,

    Weaning should always been done slowly if you can.  Really taper off gradually -- dropping a feeding or pumping time one every 5 days to a week.  You risk engorgement, clogged ducts and even mastitis if you leap too quickly.  

    As far as IF you should wean, I'm not sure if I'm understanding your question right, but if you feel your supply has lowered and you've explored all means to try to boost it again, then yeah, you can always slow down the pumping and try to just hang on to those wonderful cuddling nursing times with her in the morning and in the evening.  You can "have your cake and eat it too" as a working mom, plenty of moms do.  She'll want to hang on to them too, no doubt! 

    Good luck,


  • Hi RoxyL87,

    Sometimes it's really hard to just answer questions because there are times where I can't answer w/out seeing you, seeing how you nurse.  This is one of those times.  I'd highly recommend seeing if you can find a local IBCLC who can pay you a home visit and make sure latch is correct, weight baby before and after feedings to see how much milk he is taking, make sure it all looks good and working well.  

    Nursing "round the clock" can be normal, but there may also be a reason he's on all the time - it could have to do with milk flow and properly emptying the breast.  Had to answer in this setting.  Do email me if you felt you wanted help and needed help finding someone close to you.



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