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Toddler's hands shaking in the morning?

Sometimes when Sam is eating breakfast, his hands shake.  By the time he's done eating, the shaking is gone.  This has been happening once or twice a month for the past 6 months or so.  I thought it might have been a low blood sugar thing.  When we visited the pedi, his blood sugar was normal.  Dr. thinks it's not a blood sugar issue at all, since it only happens in the morning.  She said it might be a neurological issue (he could be pinching a nerve if he lays the wrong way...) and referred us to a neurologist.  She doesn't think it's a big deal, but wants us to get him checked out just in case.

Has anyone's LO experienced this weird hand shaking thing? Anyone been to a neurologist for this (or anything else, for that matter)? TIA!

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Re: Toddler's hands shaking in the morning?

  • I have noticed it once or twice with one of my girls. I never thought much about it when it went away
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  • I am obviously not a doctor but I can tell you that my hands shake when I go for lengthy periods of time not eating and have been tested tons of times since I was a child because diabetes runs on both sides of my family. They have all come back negative. Around age 4, I would wake myself up screaming for a PB&J sandwich in the middle of the night. Of course, this freaked my mom out because why am I screaming for food in the middle of the night and my hands trembled until I ate?? So the doctors tested me for all sorts of deficiencies and found out that I was anemic. They gave me vitamins and just told her to make the sandwiches that it would pass when the iron got into my system. Nice, huh? Anyways, I still get shaky if I go a long period without eating (by long I mean 4 or 5 hours) and recently, my doctor told me that I may have a "touch" of hypoglycemia and that is why it doesn't show up with blood work. Its just a periodic thing or my body just requires to be more "balanced" throughout the day. At the time of the past tests, my blood sugar level is normal. He told me to eat several small meals a day and I also keep some M&M's on hand if I start to feel my blood sugar crashing. Maybe your LO just has a little bit of a low blow sugar problem in the morning since some time has passed since the last meal and it won't show up on tests. I hope this helps a little bit J I'm sure its nothing major.  

  • This happens to a kid at LOs daycare while he eats breakfast in the morning. I've seen it. The parents seem totally OK with it (not sure if they checked with their pedi or not) and the kid seems completely fine otherwise.

    Not sure if this anecdote helps :o

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