3rd Trimester

33 weeks along and tons of pressure down there....

I feel like she's pressing right on my vagina. It's actually a little painful today! And she is doing aeorbics in there today and kicking the heck out of me!

 I keep readjusting to get comfy but it seems like that is just not going to happen today. Thankfully I work at home. I may take my laptop and go sit on the couch and prop my feet up. Owie!!!!

Re: 33 weeks along and tons of pressure down there....

  • Try sitting on a yoga ball and swaying your hips. That helps me :)



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  • I am 33 weeks and I have lots pressure also. Every time I get up, it takes me a few minutes to actually start moving cause of the pressure. As normal as it is, it still sucks :) I start moving slowly, till the pressure goes away and dh just gets a kick out of it, silly man!
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  • Yep, me too. Lots of pressure, especially when I first stand up after laying/sitting. I move very slowly at first and look like a 90 year old. MH has to stifle his laughter.
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  • I have tons of pressure too. I think that's very common at this point!


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  • I crawled into bed an hour ago in absolute tears. The pain and pressure was so bad. I feel better now, but my lower back is KILLING me. If the pain hadn't subsided I was going to have my husband take me to the hospital. It was excruciating!!
  • Glad to hear I'm not alone.  When I stand up today, the pressure hurts pretty bad.  I wish I could leave work early today.  I'm a horrible person to be around b/c I'm so exhausted and the pressure is getting worse.

  • Yeah this baby definitely likes his space and it's getting more cramped in there, lol. If I don't have pressure down low I feel him pushing real hard on my belly. It is quite commical watching me walk as well. I didn't have a problem last time but standing up is even kicking my a$$. I feel like one of those women on the movies that "can't" bend at the waist and exaggerates everything for effect.
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  • The pressure yesterday got increasingly worse and I was in tears at one point. I put a call into my OB and he had me go to the hospital for monitoring. She is fine and they thing it was either stretching or I did something and pulled a muscle. I came home last night, put my feet up and just took it easy. After a bath I felt a little better and this morning I'm back "at work" and hoping this is my last trip to L&D before I actually go into labor.

    But the nurses and doctors told me to never second guess. If I felt something wasn't right, always call! They don't mind setting up mothers in triage to monitor them. (We're a lot easier patients than the laboring mothers!)



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