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How do you survive the NICU?

Has any body had their baby in the NICU?

I just had my baby boy and he has a brain bleed and blood sugar problems. We have been here for 6 days. I dont know how people do this. I am about to lose it. Between worrying about my baby and not sleeping and no privacy,Im crying all the time and going insane. Is there anything that makes this easier?





Re: How do you survive the NICU?

  • The only thing that helped me through it was our NICU had rooming in and each baby had their own private room. I LIVED up there! I really have no advice other than Pray and know that this will eventually be over with and your baby will be home with you. Each time I left that hospital without him I would sit in the parking lot and bawl. It did make me feel better to release that emotion. The fact that your hormones are all out of sync makes it worse unfortunatly.

    I'll be praying for you and your lo, soon enough you'll look back on this and be a stronger person/mommy for it :)

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  • I don't know how to help, but my heart does go out to you. I can only imagine what you are going through and pray that your baby can come home with you soon. I just wanted to suggest maybe posting this on the preemies board. I know that may not be your exact situation, but I've heard those ladies are super supportive and they gone through more than their fair share of NICU experience. Maybe they can provide you with some good insight. T&Ps to you and your LO! 
  • I'm so, so sorry you are in the NICU. It's hard to find things that make it easier, I hate to tell you this but pretty much until the doctor told us we were going home it felt like it would never end. Try to keep the end goal in mind, healthy baby!

    We were there for almost three weeks. I went through the same thing- a lot of crying, frustration, and no sleep. One of the worst feelings was that we were being cheated the real newborn experience, you know? I just wanted my healthy, happy baby and to be at home. 

    Make some time for yourself. I waited much too long to go home and take a couple hours to shower in my own bathroom and nap in my own bed. DO THIS! I felt guilty leaving but it was better for Oliver to have a mom that wasn't going crazy in his little hospital room.  Also getting out of the hospital room and taking walks around the hospital. I was lucky and it wasn't right in the middle of town so there were walking paths, but even just getting outside with some fresh air helps.

    I also tried to make friends with every single nurse we had (it seems like there were dozens). It was nice to have someone new to chat with and it also seemed like if they were more friendly with me they would spend more time with DS since they were hanging out near the room more.

    Are you pumping? When the nurses offer to let you sleep through a night feeding, do it! I felt like a slave to that stupid pump and getting to take a break and sleep was nice. Are you able to hold your LO yet? After a week DS got his central line out and we were allowed to hold him- it got so much better. The little milestones were amazing, make a big deal out of them! When he pooped, we got excited. When he was done with antibiotics, we got excited. When his oxygen came off, I made sure to practically throw a party. It just helps make you feel like you are getting closer.

    After being home for a little while I can tell you, it feels like a VERY distant memory. The neonatologist told me over and over that when we got home he would be the Oliver we always thought he would be, but I didn't believe him. It was so true. It's almost like it never happened. I still feel a little cheated out of those first few weeks but when I look at him I don't see a sick baby. I am proud that he was a little fighter and made it through being such a sick little guy. I know it's hard when the doctors come for rounds to hear that you aren't going home soon, but try to keep in mind it's best for your LO to be as healthy as possible, it will be best for all of you. It's hard to think about what really matters while you are stuck watching the monitors for hours all day every day, but LO's health is most important.

    I hope the rest of your stay in the NICU is short and that your LO gets healthy soon! You will be in my T&Ps, I have a whole new respect for preemies and NICU babies and families, I know a lot of babies and families have it much worse than we did. Good luck! You can PM me any time if you need to chat!

  • Oh sweetheart, your hormones have gotten the best of you.  That's why you are so upset.  The best thing for you and your baby is to eat and sleep.  Take care of you.  The NICU staff will take care of your little guy, answer any questions you have.  My daughter was born 5 days ago and also in the NICU, mainly because she was 4 lbs., 8 oz at birth and also a late preterm baby (I was 36w4d when I was induced on Thursday).  The saving grace that I've had is being able to go home for even a little while, get some fresh air, and talk to friends.  I can't say enough about my husband, too, as he has been my rock through it all, and I've helped him when he's needed it.  Lean on others if you need to, see which friends have had babies in NICU that you can turn to, ask the nurses TONS of questions.  I lost it the other day because her billirubin count had skyrocketed and she was so yellow and sluggish.  But, they know what they are doing and she is fine now.  Just have patience with yourself, take a hot shower in your hospital room, have your husband go get your favorite meal from somewhere, and SLEEP.  *hugs* to you
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  • Both my kids were in the NICU.  I don't have a lot to add that hasn't already been said, but I wanted you to know that what you're feeling is totally normal.  I was a disaster both times- crying at the drop of a hat and worrying constantly.  PP was right- it feels like you'll never get out of the NICU.  It's just such an uncertain time. If there was some way for the doctors to say, "Your baby will be going home with you next Wednesday," it would be easier to handle. 

    My best advise is just to take it a day at a time.  Take breaks whenever you can. Your son is in very good hands, and won't suffer if you leave to get some food, sleep, or take a walk.  I know it's easier said than done.  I hope your little guy gets to come home with you soon.  You'll be in my thoughts.

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  • Thank you everyone. Its been 7 days since I left his room other than to go to the bathroom or use the hospital showers. I was just tol this morning that as long as LO keeps his blood sugars up,he can come home at the end of this week. Everyday they take one more IV out or one more monitor off. He is due to get his feeding tube out today. Thank you for your advice :)





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