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DH and I are thinking about flying to the east coast in October to visit family.  I was wondering for those who have flown with their infants, how did it go?  Any tips on getting through security easier?  We'd probably have one stop in O'hare or Detroit since there isn't a direct flight from our city to where we're traveling.

DS will be 4.5 months when we go and I'm EBF so I don't know how much difference that makes.



Re: Flying.

  • A friend of mine took her LO to Mexico a few weeks ago and SC and will be going to the UK in a week.

    Wearing the baby in a sling without metal or a baby carrier without metal is very helpful for getting through security.

    Make sure you're nursing your baby during take-off and landing to help his ears.

    And we've heard from a lot of people that flight attendants and other passengers are really nice to you when you have a baby (rather than a toddler). 

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  • We flew cross country a few weeks ago (Buffalo to Seattle) and it was OK.  My husband and I did not give ourselves nearly enough time on the way there so it was a huge hassle, but that was our fault.  So make sure you give yourselves enough time.  Our trip home was much smoother.  The Seattle airport had a family line for getting through security which was nice and saved us some time.

    I BF my daughter if she was interested during take off and landing and anytime she started to get fussy.  If she wasn't interested, the pacifier worked just fine.

    Also, I found it easier to change her at our seats than going to the bathroom.

    Good luck! 

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  • We flew when LO was 2.5 months old. Here's what worked best for us:

    Check the carseat under the plane. I was sooooo worried that it would get lost or damaged, but they put it in a special car seat bag and took good care of it. 

    feed the baby during take off and landing (for popping ears)

    If you use pacis, bring plenty of sanitizing wipes

    if you need to change the baby on the plane, you should both go back to do it. Leave the door to the bathroom open and have your husband hand you things as you need them. Doing it alone would have been a nightmare

    Pack plenty of disposable changing pad covers in you carryon. AIrports/planes are gross.  

    We had trouble wearing him in the plane because there wasn't enough room for me to take him out when we were sitting down. I would probably wear him in the airport, but take the carrier off and put it in the overhead when you get on the plane.

    Long layovers were nice... I thought it would be a huge pain, but we did feedings, changings, and ate ourselves... the layover really flew by! If you need to layover, I'd recommend shooting for a longer one.  

    security was a breeze... we had to carry him through (he couldn't be in a carrier) but we could all go together and babies aren't allowed to go into the full-body scanners, so we got to bypass that

    it was much, much easier than I anticipated. good luck! 

    ETA: Everyone was really nice and helpful. DH even got his cocktail for free with a friendly "happy father's day!" (even though it wasn't father's day) 

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