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update: Little one doesn't want to eat his baby food?

As of Sunday he is back to his old self.  Yesterday he had his normal lunch which is a whole big jar of the step 3 lumpy food.  He had the same for dinner and then about 30 mintues before bed time I gave him 1/2 of a fruit puree.  And he did not try to keep taking the food out of his mouth!  He was very hungry.  I guess it was just some phase he was going through...or just the tail end of that stomach virus we all had.  For those of you who suggested more self feeding.  I tried that on Sunday and he ate some small shreads of chicken and some small chunks of plantain,carrot and potatos.  At first he was like ooohhhhh.  Then he just smeared it around on the tray.  He liked the plantain better than anything else.  My husband was thrilled. 
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