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"down there" care (TMI)

ok so DD isn't  even 3 weeks old so I might be speaking too soon, but the stitches I have burn EVERY time I pee. The actual stitches dissolved around 1 week PP but the site is what is hurting. Also each time I have a BM it is extremely painful. I will try using a stool softener, but all of this has made me dread using the restroom. 

Sorry for the TMI, again! 

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Re: "down there" care (TMI)

  • Definatly stay on stool softeners. It hurt me for a few weeks but i also had a fourth degree tear. Also make sure to use peri bottle for awhile as well it cant hurt. And lots of water. I also dreaded going to bathroom and didnt completely empty bladder i dont think and ended up developing uti.
  • It takes time to heal. Are you using the squirt bottle? Trying squirting it while you pee to help with the pain. People suggest sitz bath and I used it. I felt it help keep things cleaner (even with daily showers) but it hurt sitting there too long.

     Definitely use a stool softener. I felt that part was worse than the rips healing. 

    Just take it easy and make sure you rest. I did a little more than I should have but felt better when I rested more.   

     And if you feel off call the doctor. That is what they are paid for. 

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  • I think i took the stool softeners for a month. I remember dreading going to the bathroom, it should start feeling better soon.  


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  • That was me up until a few days BURNED!! I went to my OB because I was scared to pee but she said it was totally normal, just everything healing up.  It has since stopped burning so don't worry! It will get better!
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  • Do you have any dermoplast?  That gave me a lot of relief for my stitches.

    And along with the stool softener, i use about half a dose of the miralax powder mixed into my morning drink...that has helped a ton!

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  • I had a second degree tear and it hurt for awhile.  It burned when I peed and I took stool softeners for about a month.  It wasn't until the 4 week mark that I really started feeling better.  Now I dont think twice about using the bathroom and I yesterday I accidentally wiped and did not use my peri bottle!  Hang in there it will get better soon!
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  • Like PPs said, use the peri bottle while you pee and keep taking the stool softeners. I also ate a pretty high fiber diet and drank lots and lots of water. As much as you may not want to have a bowel movement, don't ever hold it just to avoid the pain. It will only make the stool harder to pass.

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  • If you still have it, use the bottle they gave you in the hospital for rinsing with warm water.  Also, get some Tucks pads.  The one thing that has been my saving grace during this time, and I couldn't believe it when the nurse told me and showed me, was use Solarcaine spray down there and also if you are still bleeding a bit, spray it on your pad along with a few Tucks that are just resting on the pad.  If anything, the Solarcaine will help with the irritation.  I snagged two bottles of it while here in the hospital so that way I can use it when my baby girl gets released from the NICU. 
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  • No worries I had the same thing! What helped me is the antibiotic/cooling spray. I sprayed it after I showered and whenever it burned to pee. I also dreaded a BM cause of the pain but it completely went away before my 6 week check up :-)
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