Is this my period?

I had a c-section seven weeks ago. I stopped bleeding 3 weeks pp. I noticed blood each time I wiped when I went to the bathroom today. I'm breastfeeding and I thought you weren't supposed to get your period while breastfeeding. Could this be my period? It's extremely light in color and flow, could it be residual from pp? My doctor said I'm too far it for it to be from my c-section. I guess I'm just shocked because I'm breastfeeding.

Re: Is this my period?

  • Not saying it is or it isn't, but the "no period during bfing" isn't true for everyone. That really stinks if it is, though. I remember ladies from my BMB posting about it affecting their milk supply.

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  • I bled on and off for 7 weeks after my c. It's really hard to tell the difference between the two. 
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  • I bled on and off for 6 weeks after csection. I was BF and had to give DS formula for preemies.  I got my period week 7.5..it sucks! =( And my periods have been very irregular, and very heavy since and I am 5months PP.
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  • something similar happened to me.

    I think at the 6 week mark or so I had a day's worth of red blood, but light and intermittant. It WAS from my c section, because then it went away and never came back.

    I got an IUD at 3mo pp so no period yet, not sure if that is because I am still BF or due to the IUD.

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  • i had my period for 1 week after my c section then 1 month after i bled for 1 day and now its been alittle over a month since i bled last and i'm breast feeding so i keep expecting my period, realy not used to this...
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