DH and I went to our follow up u/s on Friday. Sadly, the ges sac had not grown and was still completely empty. The only thing that changed was that bleeding had started around the sac. 

We had a follow up appointment this morning. The doctor explained our options and we decided to just to go ahead with a d&c since my body is showing no signs of starting to m/c on its own (no cramping or bleeding)

For those of you with d&c experience, do you want to share what I should expect? We had a total asshat of a midwife this morning who did little more than shame me for still BFing. 

I'm most concerned about recovery. I have childcare for Wednesday (the day of the d&c) and for Thursday. Will I be feeling (physically) good enough to take care of Hen by Friday? Or should I plan for some help that day too?  

BFP # 1- DS ~ TTC #2 since Jan. 2012 - BFP # 2 - "Baby Elsie" - Blighted Ovum - D&C August 22, 2012 at 7w3d, BFP # 3 - CP - December 30, 2012, BFP # 4 - CP - March 19, 2013 ~ First RE Appt. 4/24/13 Med cycle #1: 50mg Clomid and Trigger shot = BFN. Med. Cycle #2: 6 cysts found. No meds/rest cycle. Trying on our own = BFP # 5! Beta #1 = 77, Beta #2 = 129 Beta #3 = 94 - CP - July 2, 2013. BFP # 6! Beta#1 = 21, Beta#2 =58 Beta#3 = 134. U/S shows heartbeat of 142 at 7w2d!

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