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what kind of shoes does your LO wear?

DD just started walking, and she walks about 50% of the time. I have those all leather soft soled shoes for her (like Robeez, but a different brand). But, the sizes are really weird. The small size is too small for her, but the next size up is too big and keeps falling off. 

I would just leave them off of her until she grows into them. But, she just started preschool and they require her to wear shoes and socks. So, I guess I need something that is soft soled but has more options for sizes.  


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Re: what kind of shoes does your LO wear?

  • When DD started cruising we took him to stride rite and got his foot measured and also they have a step system for where they are at in their developement what type of sole is best for that. 

     If you go now they have a BOGO sale going on, we just bought him 2 pairs this weekend of the step 3 shoes. 

  • We did Stride Rite too. Pedi pads were DD's first shoes, her recent pair is Nina brand.
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  • Robeez mini shoes worked for us- the sole has treads.
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  • I had Robeez for my other LO, and they had the same size issues as the ones I have now. From their web site, it looks like they still have the same sizes (0 - 12 months, 12 - 24 months, 2 - 4 years). The problem is, the 0 - 12 months size is too small and 12 - 24 months is too big. 

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  • We have Robeez Mini's, which are actual sizes.
  • Stride rite makes a great first walkers line of shoes
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  • When DD first started walking, I took her to Stride Rite and got her fitted.  They have half sizes and put her in the appropriate type of stage for her walking level.  That was last May.  Right now, she is just in cheapy shoes for the most part as it's summer and shoes aren't our main priority.  Plus, she has been walking long enough to do fine in sandals.  When the weather cools, I will take her back and get her another pair or two of good shoes.

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  • She's been wearing pedipeds for a couple of month now. She started walking right around her first birthday. I also have a few pairs of teenytoes from Payless. I'm surprised at how good the quality is! And DD is in the habit of throwing things away at daycare and she DID throw away one of her teenytoes sandles. I'm glad it was 9 dollar pair from Payless and not the 30 dollar pedipeds!
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  • We go to Target and get shoes there.  They're pretty good quality.  We like to have different types of shoes for his outfits and they have a good, cute selection.  He has been in these adorable little dino slip-on sneakers for a long time, now.  He has been walking since 12 months and is now 19 months and they're still completely great.  He also has some cute crocs and quite a few pairs of sandals for the summer.
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  • A wore flexible soled Stride Rites from 9 - 15 months, and has worn Keens (sandals and sneakers) since then.

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  • As soon as ds started taking steps we got a simple pair of sneakers from stride rite. We tried fancier ones at a specialized kids shoe store first, but we found he did better in the sneakers.
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  • Once LO was walking we ditched the Robeez. We went to stride rite to have him measured, then we ordered online instead because they didnt have much in his size. We love Pedoodles! Now that he has been walking for a long time he has converse and saucony's in addition to the Pedoodles(on his 2nd pair) .


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