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what are your fav baby items?

Hey ladies, I'm jumping over from the 0-3 months board. My LO is almost 12 weeks. I'm going to be visiting the states (I live in guatemala and its hard to get good baby stuff here) and I'm trying to make a list of what to buy while I'm visiting.
What are your fave baby items? Thanks!
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Re: what are your fav baby items?

  • My DS LOVES his jumparoo! He also likes toys that make noise/play music/etc. See & Says, toys that he can hit to make play music. He loves mirrors too. My LO is 8 months, so he is a little more along than your 12 week, but if you are coming over, I would imagine you may be looking down the road into the future too. Stacking cups, and things that fit into each other, like shaped blocks into their bin are great too. Blocks to stack/knock down.....
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  • DD loves her jumparoo as well. She also likes basic items like the colorful links, and anything that makes noise or lights up.
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  • I also would suggest the jumparoo.  Love it!  Are you nursing and pumping?  If you pump I would HIGHLY suggest a pumping bra so you can be hands-free during pumping.  Its my favorite thing.  DD also loves her Gloworm and anything that lights up and makes noise.  I also couldn't live without my jogging stroller.

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