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Bikini Wax ?

Before pregnancy I was getting brazilians every 5 weeks.  I really want to get one before my vacation next week but Im scared of the pain... has anyone gotten one? Was it worth it?

Re: Bikini Wax ?

  • I've continued getting them during my pregnancy.  It does hurt much worse that before but it's not unbearable. 


  • JUst had one last week and I thought it was unbearable. I wont be doing it again until after the little one is born!

  • Let me revise my statement.  By not unbearable I mean I survived it and I'll probably keep doing it.  But it HURT a lot.  My esthetician suggested maybe doing an extended bikini as I get further along because my legs would jump every time she'd rip the wax off. 


  • I was like you and would get them every 56 weeks. And I'll keep it real the last time I went, it was painful. The same lady does my wax every time and she was like I'm not used to you behaving this way because I'm usually a rock and we have conversations during the process. She told my hair was stronger now so it was tougher pulling out. With that said I haven't had one since the beginning of July but that also because I'm on bedrest. But when I will get one some time before my anticipated due date. I'll probably cry tho.
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  • I had my most recent one tonight, and I didn't notice a difference.  I suppose it just depends on the individual.  I plan to continue to just keep going as normal.
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  • I got one around May and it was fine. I got one about two weeks ago before heading to the beach with my family. The pain factor was higher. I can normally talk through the entire process...I had to stop and catch my breath before she yanked. I think I'm done with waxing until next summer and pool season.
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  • I started back up with waxing last month and will be going up until the delivery. I was terrified of the pain initially but found no difference.  I go to a salon that uses hard wax though which makes a huge difference.  The wax dries and is pulled off without muslin.  It only takes the hair off and does not remove any skin which can happen with traditional wax/muslin strips.  If you have a salon that uses hard wax you should be fine!
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