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Question for pet owners

How often do you wash your cat/dog's food and water bowls? 

When I was a kid, we had cats and honestly, I don't remember their bowls getting washed with any sort of regularity. With my cats now, I'm washing their bowls in the dishwasher whenever they start looking icky. (I do rinse the water bowl when I fill it up.)

Also, how often do you wash pet beds/blankets? I wash mine whenever they start looking really hairy...which, having cats who shed like it's their job, happens almost instantly.


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Re: Question for pet owners

  • We wash our dog's food/water bowls once a week and her bed every other week. Her bed tends to get stinky really quickly, so I like to wash it more often than not.

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  • Weekly. They are furry and messy.
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  • We wash Loki's food bowl every 2-3 days. It gets crusty and gross pretty quickly. He has a water fountain that we clean every 2-3 weeks.

    He has a blanket on the end of the couch and I wash it probably every 2 weeks or so. He sleeps so many places that his hair doesn't build up too rapidly, and we clean every weekend to keep it at bay. 

  • The water and food bowls I probably wash 2x a week, only because we have mastiff's and the drool a lot especially when they are eating and drinking.

    Their beds, I was every other week only because they drag them into DS & LO room to sleep and I don't want them to stink or DS to lay on them when they are so dirty.  



  • I wash their beds/blankets about every other week and their food dishes about once a month. When I fill up the water dish I rinse it out and we recently got one with a little filter and it makes a pretty big difference in how clean it stays. I like it a lot.
  • I wash our dog's food/water bowls once a week.

    She doesn't have a bed/blanket. She's always been allowed on furniture and snuggles up on our laps and sleeps at the foot of our bed curled up among our feet. (Habitually, I strip the bed down and wash sheets/pillowcases once a week; I wash the comforter once a month.)

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  • I usually wash the dogs bowls every 2nd or 3rd day, depending on how grubby the get.  The dog beds get washed 1x a week.
  • We have 2 cats and I throw their food bowls in the dishwasher whenever I'm doing a load of dishes because they seem to get dirty really quickly.  In my defense we do have mulitple bowls for our cats (an old set of bowls we never us anymore) so we have a lot of extras lying around!
  • I wash Dexter's bed about once a month - he doesn't shed, so it doesn't really get too dirty very quickly.  I run both his bowls through the dishwasher about once a week.  His food bowl more often if I notice it's empty when I'm about to start the dishes.  His water bowl gets rinsed every time I refill it.
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  • I wash their food/water bowls whenever I fill them up.  Their blankets are done weekly with the regular laundry. 


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  • We have a boxer dog and a tabby cat.  They both are messy eaters so we wash their dishes at least once a week but generally more often than that. 

    They both have two beds (one upstairs and one downstairs) and those get washed once a week or every other week.  I buy new pillows for us every quarter and the old pillows go in the dog bed.  Then the next quarter I throw them out and replace them with our next old set. I also buy fleece remnants at the fabric store for my dog blankets because my boxer chews her blankets and they need to be thrown out a couple of times a year.

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    Bowls get washed in the dishwasher once a week but rinsed daily. We don't have a bed/blanket for our cat. He sleeps on our bed.

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  • Food bowls: Never, really.   We have a feeder for our dog and he is a "bite at a time" grazer.    The cats...well, our dog tends to lick their bowl clean for them.  If I start to see crusty stuff in there, I'll wash it, but it's usually pretty "clean" for the cats.  

    Water bowls, I rinse them every time I change the water, but once a week, they get washed with soap and hot water.   


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  • Food and water bowls are washed daily. 

     Blankets once a week.

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  • I only wash the food and water bowls when they look like they need it (maybe once a month or every other week), but we only feed dry food, so they never get very dirty.  We wash the dog beds and blankets when they get dngy looking, but not as frequently as most people. But after reading everyone else's posts, I feel like I should do it more often. Smile  Although, we have dogs that dont shed, so we may have less hair than most. 
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  • I wash their dishes twice a day when they are fed and their blankets once a week while they are having their baths.
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  • I wash the bowls/bed whenever they look like they need a wash.  Our dog sleeps in our bed a lot though, and I do wash our sheets once a week/2 weeks.
  • I try to wash out their bowl once a week, the beds we try to do every two weeks. One shedder one non shedder but they switch which beds they want to sleep in. We also try to clean our carpets and furniture once a month because they are allowed on everything and usually end up in our bed at night which means those are regularly washed once a week as long as I am not feeling lazy.

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  • The cat's bowls go through the dishwasher once a month.  But everytime he is right out of water we paper towel clean it (meaning we just wipe it) and it takes a bunch of the gunk out. 

    He sleeps on our bed a lot.  So he has his own blanket.  It gets washed probably once a month cause it is full of hair by the end of a month.  I wash our sheets every 2 weeks cause he likes to crawl inside!!

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  • We wash the dogs bowls before we give them their dinner every night.

    Their bed covers get washed twice a week, and the bed itself gets aired once a week. 



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