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Full Time Working Moms Still

Ok, so I have always said ever since I found out that I was pregnant that I am going to work until I go into labor that way I get all my maternity leave with the new baby.

But, it is getting harder and harder day by day to be here. I am completely exhausted and of course uncomfortable.

Is anyone else having doubts about sticking it out until labor??? I dont know if I will be able to keep my eyes open for 9 straight hours for the next 20 days.

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Re: Full Time Working Moms Still

  • I don't have a choice really.  My ML is 100% unpaid.  I'm already coming back after four weeks because we can't afford for me to take more time off than that so unless my doctor orders me to not work, I'm working up until baby shows up.  3 or 4 more weeks left!
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  • I worked until the day before I was induced with my first, and I felt awesome. This time though...if I can make it to the Friday before my due date, I'll be thrilled.

    Main incentive for me to keep working is the longer I work, the more paid time off I'll get [I have to use my accrued leave, then I go to unpaid leave - my job doesn't offer STD]. I'll stay as long as possible, but I'll be glad to not be working once my due date rolls around.


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  • I get 4 months ML so Im worknig up until the Friday before my due date
  • You can do it!! Once your LO is here you will be so happy you did. 20 days will come and go before you know it!

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  • My maternity leave is paid and is 6 weeks long I just dont want to use it up to sit at the house by myself. But keeping my eyes open sitting at this desk is WAY harder then I thought it would be.
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  • image Manx4:
    I don't have a choice really.  My ML is 100% unpaid.  I'm already coming back after four weeks because we can't afford for me to take more time off than that so unless my doctor orders me to not work, I'm working up until baby shows up.  3 or 4 more weeks left!

    I'm in the same boat as Manx. I need to be here until the day I deliver for $$$ reasons. Plus, I really don't think 40 (ish) days for me is THAT long. I've been uncomfortable for a while and I'd rather be here working uncomfortably then at home uncomfortably losing time / money that I should be saving for when LO gets here.


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  • Thankfully my job gives me two weeks off prior to my due date that doesn't dip into the postnatal time off.

     Otherwise, I suffer through it but man, I'm ready now and I still have two more weeks of work.  I'm thinking I would have tried to cut down the hours or something so at least it wasn't full days. 



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  • That was my original plan until my doctor laughed at me and told I wasnt going to make it that far. I only have one more week of this misery. When I told my boss my plans had changed and why he said : "Yea, I didn't think you were going to make it" LOL

    Where is everyone's faith! I know I am uncomfortable but do I really look that uncomftorable???


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  • I just have to keep telling myself 20 day 20 days LOL almost in the teens again haha!!!!
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  • I'm right there with you! Trying to make it until the bitter end, but every morning is just a little bit harder!
  • I'm determined to work up until the day, but I doubt myself every single day.  I am so exhausted, but I know I'd rather have more time with my baby than sitting at home babyless. 
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  • It's hard and uncomfortable yes, but I have no medical reason not to work until the day I deliver.

    I worked until my EDD with DS (a friday) and was glad he came the following Weds.  I was already bored after 2 days home.  Everything was already done for the baby, so I was just sitting around waiting.

    I've saved vacation days so that if I go late again I'll take vacation until DS#2 is born and spend it with DS#1 or relax.  But that's knowing it will likely be only a week.  Mentally, I think I'll just shut off on the 20th of Sept.

  • I got lucky and have been able to do a few part time days starting this week, originally I planned on stopping work sept 1st, now I think I'll try to work the first week of sept so I can get my holiday pay and then I will not have to return to work until December. We will see what happens and if baby decides to come on or before my due date 9/6 my plans will have to change!
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  • I have no choice because I started my job 3 months before my due date.  I'm lucky I'm getting 8 weeks maternity leave with 6 of them having full pay.  

    Since my due date is 9/13, if I'm really uncomfortable I might see if I can work from home that last week - the week after Labor Day week, but I'm not sure.  People here have worked from home a day here and there, but since I'm so new I'm on eggshells. 

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  • I'm actually feeling pretty good but my back has been horrible lately. I sit a lot for work and am so lazy I tend to not want to go for a walk or two during the day. It's a vicious cycle. I told DH yesterday that if I make it to my DD I might not work after that. My OB will induce at 41 weeks. I get paid leave but only 1/2 the time I'm gone or 6 weeks. The other 6 are unpaid but I won't be back to work until December 3rd either way.

    It is so hard to concentrate now knowing LO is coming very soon. I have nothing really to do at home but for some reason that is the only place I want to be right now!





  • image kbradshaw9:
    You can do it!! Once your LO is here you will be so happy you did. 20 days will come and go before you know it!

    Tis! I just keep reminding myself that I want the time with the baby and don't want to waste it sitting around before she's born.

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  • Try to hang in there. I'm struggling too, especially with the recent stresses in my office. However-- it will be SO worth it to be able to have those few extra days with baby as opposed to sitting around waiting on baby.

    Good luck!


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  • I'm so burnt out.  From being a billion months pregnant, working full time, having a wild toddler running around, errands, cooking cleaning....gah.  My eyes close the second my head hits the pillow.

    My maternity leave is weird.  It doesn't start until the day I deliver so I couldn't dip into it early even if I wanted to.  I was 9 days late with DD so I'm assuming that I'll go late this time too.  I have enough vacation days to get me from 2 days before my due date to 6 days past my due date.  I'm hoping this will be enough because I'm sure not planning on coming back in the office at 41w pregnant.

  • Man it is rough isn't it? I think I'll be working until I go into labor or get induced at 38w and right now 3 weeks might as well be a million years away. Although I will say, I had the last three days off to stay home with SD since we didn't have daycare and realized I am just as uncomfortable at home as I am at work so although it was nice to have the option to lay down on the couch or whatever it didn't help as much as I thought it would! Hang in there mama!
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  • I'll be working up until delivery. In my job though, the last two weeks before I go into labor seemed to be so loooong basically because I can't initiate any new projects and no one can count on me to be there the next day so I sit around bored to tears. Better that though than wasting precious maternity leave. I'm just moving slower, and beginning to adjust to my e-mails slowing down already. Hang in there!
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  • Every day I work is another day I recover from sleep deprivation and bond with baby.  ;) 

    I'm under incredible stress at work and run around like a chicken with my head cut off every day.  I have to pick my toddler up from daycare, feed him, bath him, play with him, then put him to bed.....and THEN I have to shower and get ready for the next day.  I feel like I want to crawl into a hole and cry because my stomach hurts so much and I'm so tired.  BUT....the end is near.  So that's all I keep telling myself.  I'm getting more rest now than I would when the baby gets here.....Life is simpler right now.  I can handle it.


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  • I am glad that I am not the only one.

    I know that once I spend a few days at home I will be ready to be back to work because I will go crazy sitting at the house and waiting for baby. I just NEED those few days.

    We got this ladies.... lets just pray that we dont go over 40 weeks!! Big Smile

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  • image Manx4:
    I don't have a choice really.  My ML is 100% unpaid.

    Same here.

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  • I'm right there with you!  I'm suppose to work up until 39 weeks, however everyday it gets harder and harder to get up and go!  I have NO medical reasons to take off before then besides wanting to be lazy, so I keep finding myself at work everyday!

  • Just take it one day at a time.  You can do it!!  Just like PP said, it will go by so fast and you will be so happy you did!!! Yes
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  • You ladies rock, and it is so nice that I am not the ONLY one in this world that cant afford to just be off. LOL

    I have no medical reason either thats why I am still here counting down the minutes to going home and going to bed!!!!

    I am now at the point where I am so ready to go into labor (because that means baby is ready) that every little backache and stomach cramp is MAYBE the beginning LOL!!!!


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  • Of course everyone is different... but try and hang in there!   I worked until my induction date last time (at 41 weeks 6 days) and am very close to you I (I am 37 weeks and 5 days) and plan on doing it again this time.

    Just think-- you will still feel just as uncomfortable at home as you do at work and you will give up precious time with teh baby.

    No matter what you do or where you go-- you will still be full term pregnant and feel just the same as now, so as long as there is no health reason not to work, I say try and stay:)

    That is of course just my opinion.

  • I said the same thing. Even if you asked me about 4 weeks ago I would have said the same thing. Now it is hard. I am a RN work 12 hour shifts at night. It is getting really hard taking care of patients that just had surgery. So  I am going to take off a week early. I just can't do it. Plus it isn't safe for my patients, if something happens I can't run to their rooms.... I waddle and even then it isn't fast. 
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  • I know how you feel!!! I'm planning on working up to my due date as well and the days just drag. Just think about the time you'll have with your little one and how sticking it out will be worth it in the end. 
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  • I am still working the mat leave position (till she is back in her position full swing).  I am supposed to be here till August 31 (baby's EDD is Sept 13, but I have been told by my dr he may be early). 

    I am doing all the side projects and I am so uncomfortable and so ready to not be here.  As of tomorrow 2 weeks left.  I have a Doctor appointment next week Wed and an Ultrasound tomorrow.  I was told at my last app't that everything at that point would be taken day by day because I was going through false labour (which sucks really badly!).  Somewhere in the back of my head I am either hoping my dr says that I am done work on the 24th of Aug or cheering my little guy on for an Aug birthday (which neither I really want of course, I want LO to cook as much as he needs and I want to be paid in full as long as possible). 

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    Baby #2 on its way - EDD June 4th!!
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