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My 10 week old baby won't nap!! Help!

My babe won't sleep any long than "cat naps" of about 15-30 mins, and this is only twice a day. She does this "fake sleep" several times a day where she gets heavy eyes, I rock her, place her in her crib and once I think  shes asleep she opens her eyes and smiles. I'll even let her lay for 15-20 mins and she just cries or is making noise. Not sleeping!

I love her! But she has been like this since 4 weeks old. I cant get anything done ...I'm not drinking ANY caffeine/chocolate. She eats on a normal schedule, she is 75% in height and weight, she goes to bed at 8-9pm each night and sleeps till 2am and wakes up again at 6am. Its from 6am-10:30am she doesnt allow herself to rest. It worries me, because I know babies need their sleep to grow. 

 Anyone else ever gone through a situation like this?? Any suggestions?  

Re: My 10 week old baby won't nap!! Help!

  • My LO is only 7 weeks old so I am not sure about a 10 week old, but DD started napping much better in her crib when I hung some light dampening curtains in her room... she also has the white noise maker and I use solid color crib sheets and removed the mobile so there is nothing for her to play with.  That being said, there have been plenty of nap times where I had to lay down with her (and a good kindle book - that way I don't need a light for reading) and let her fall asleep on the boob.... we are still working on established 'nap' times, but she sleeps like a champ now.


  • Do you swaddle her?  That was our ticket to getting DS to stay asleep.
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  • we're going thru the same thing with our 10 week old... he'll take cat naps during the day while i'm holding him, but as soon as i put him down he wakes up.  then around 6pm he might zonk out for 2 or 3 hours out of exhaustion...

    we've had a little luck yesterday and today with making his room extra dark.  we also use white noise (but we always had been in the past).

    he hates swaddles so that's not an option either...

    I agree with pp and suggest darkening the room

    good luck!


  • My little guy does the same thing.  He will only sleep on me during the day and just short little naps, not even an hour usually.  I feel like I have created a habit now that I don't know how to break.  I can get him to sleep in his Moby Wrap or carrier.  It isn't ideal because you can't do as much when they are on you but at least you are a bit hands free to get a few things done.
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  • our kids wont nap flat, have you tried the swingor bouncer?

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    Do you swaddle her?  That was our ticket to getting DS to stay asleep.

    This. Only way we could get DD to sleep last night. 

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  • Mine's the same way, and I think that might just be how she is. We follow a general eat-acivity-sleep schedule, and DD will usually sleep between every feeding, but that might only be for 15 min, and it might only be on my chest. If I feel like she's really in a deep part of her sleep cycle I sometimes put her in her swing, but she might wake up 2 min after i put her down.

     That actually happened right now! I felt like she was asleep on my chest, put her down in the swing, she woke up 2 min later, and is now asleep again on my chest.  

    I think at this age you just do what you have to do. And don't get too worried about bad habits yet, babies can't be sleep trained until 3 or 4 months. GL!

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  • My LO is 10 weeks as well and only started not napping this week...I think it has something to do with a wonder week. He normally naps ok. Whenever we hit a wonder week, LO has a hard time napping.
  • try wearing your LO in a wrap or a ring sling
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    Do you swaddle her?  That was our ticket to getting DS to stay asleep.




  • My 10 week old is doing the same thing, except that he stopped napping altogether. And the carseat in the car gets me 30 mins, but then he wakes up cranky anyhow. He was always a difficult napper, but was sleeping at night from 78pm to 6:307am. I know you are not supposed to, but I think I'm going to have to sleep train by patting him and shushing right by his side. I don't know what's worse, him not napping or a little protest crying. Oh dear. What a dilemma. I've tried everyrhingwearing him, swing, rides in the car, rocking, etc. NOThing works!!!!
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