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sippy cups

Have I missed the boat on this?  I haven't introduced a sippy cup to DD yet, but I do give her a little bit of water out of a regular cup from time to time.  Should I be giving this to her now?  And what brand would you recommend? 
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Re: sippy cups

  • You don't have to do a sippy cup, but we do since we plan to take away bottles around 1 year. DS didn't like the munchkin brand ones. I think the spout was too hat and he couldn't get anything out of it. We have had success with the nuby cups.
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  • You definitely haven't missed the boat.  You've got plenty of time.  I'd probably start letting her experiment, but no need to stress.  And some people do completely skip sipppies if you want to go straight to a regular cup.  If DD is in daycare, I'd probably ask what kind of sippies they use.  DS was very particular about sippies and it turns out it was mostly because he was used to the ones that they use at daycare.  They use valveless cups, which I really prefer anyways because they are so much easier to clean.  Take 'N Toss, Tupperware, Ziploc and Munchkin all make valveless sippies.

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  • All I know is DS HATES his Playtex sippy. He'd rather drink out of a regular cup, which is messy but fun.
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  • image mabenner1:
    All I know is DS HATES his Playtex sippy. He'd rather drink out of a regular cup, which is messy but fun.

    We use Playtex and DS is a pro with them.  We started using the Playtex brand because that is what daycare uses, and they started him on a sippy really early.  They gave him a sippy with water starting around 5 months (yes, that is young for water but at that age they hardly get anything out of the sippy).

    We encourage the sippy just because I want to be done w/ bottles at 1 year, and daycare prefers that as well.


  • We also use the playtex brand as well. He refuses to use any type of cup that he has to try and suck the liquid out of. If he had his way he would just drink out of a regular glass, which he does about 50% of the time. It's messy sometimes but he is getting better about knowing when to stop drinking and swallow. We also plan on removing the bottle after age 1 so I am a little nervous about how adamant he is about not using a sippy.
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  • I have two different kind.  One with a soft nipply like spout and the other is harder.  Sorry don't know the brand.  DS likes the harder one better...but he usually only gets water or juice in them. 
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