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When are toys in crib safe?

At what point is it safe to put things like blankets or little stuffed animals in a crib? Never? One year? Just curious as i've been reading about sleep associations and lovies and things like that. We currently leave nothing in his crib. He doesn't like binkies..

Re: When are toys in crib safe?

  • We have just added one little teddy bear to his crib. I still can't bring myself to put a blanket in there though.
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  • We put an Aden and Anais swaddling blanket over each of them at night.  They're ridiculously light and don't really provide any warmth, but they like having something to grab and snuggle with and I'm more comfortable with having those on them then real blankets or giving them lovies or small blankets to cuddle with.  There is a lovie, a beanie baby and small fleece square blanket to cuddle with at the foot of their cribs but they never make their way down to there.  Sometimes we put them in the crib to play with each other while we get everything from their bath clean up and their bottles ready and then we'll give them some stuffed animals and lovies to play with.

    FWIW, I heard that the risk of SIDS drops dramatically at 6 months but they still consider it a risk until a year.  

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  • DS started sleeping with his seahorse around 6 months. Around 8 months I started with a blanket for naps. Just recently I started putting a little monkey security blanket in there too so if the seahorse isn't close that might be there to grab onto. 
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  • I just had my DD's 6 month well check up and the doctor told me that he was comfortable with toys in her crib at this point. He told me anything but a pillow was OK with him. I'm not sure if this is the popular opinion or the general consensus, but it is what my doctor told me. DD has had a lovey in her crib for a few months without a problem (she can't fall asleep without it) and I've added a light blanket as well. He said she's at no risk of suffocation now, that reflex is gone by 3 months. But he didn't mention anything about SIDS.

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  • There is a sound bear, Elmo, aa blanket bumper in my sons crib. It's all been in there since he was 6 months when he started sleeping in there. We bedshared for the first 6 months so he won't sleep without being snuggled against something.
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  • The AAP says nothing in the crib until 1-yr.  I haven't asked our ped.
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  • DD just has a rubber teether ( not able to fit into her entire mouth) When she naps i put a blanket over her, but at night i don't give her a blanket. I took one of her SUPER think swaddling blankets from when she was little and cut it into four pieces and will give her one of those to snuggle with sometimes as well.
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  • We swaddled until 6 months then went cold turkey. I felt bad leaving her in there without anything since she was used to being so covered up so I gave her an aden and anais blanket. So now at 8.5 months she sleeps with an A&A blanket and a stuffed bumble bee that just sits at the end of her crib. She doesn't ever move around in her crib.
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  • My 8 mth old son has a blanket, a very large stuffed Simba, a bear, a seahorse, a light up turtle, a mirror in his crib. He used to just sleep on top of the blanket, but has now started dragging it around with him when he wakes up. He loves to wrestle with Simba talk to himself in the mirror when he wakes up can actually entertain himself for over an hour or more after waking up! Ignores the bear for some reason. Likes the light up turtle some. He has always had everything in there with him since moving from the bassinet. Hates being covered with a blanket though. Used sleep sacks last winter, but don't think he'll go for those anymore.
  • She has two wubbanubs (the pacifiers with stuffed animals attached) and a blanket. We started giving her a blanket when she started crawling. My thinking is that if she's strong enough to crawl, pull herself up to a stand, and sit on her own, she's strong enough to move away from anything that would cause a problem.
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