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Big Hungry Baby....

DD is 14 weeks old and weighs 16 pounds.  She is now eating every hour and a half and is up to 40 ounces of formula per day.  It's like she can't get full and stay satisfied for very long.  Is it because she is so big??  Is the formula not enough at this point?  I started DS on rice cereal before 4 months without problems, but was hoping to wait until at least 4 months before starting solids with DD (just because it is the "right" thing to do.)

Anyone else with a big hungry baby start solids before 4 months??

Re: Big Hungry Baby....

  • I have a big girl too. She was 18lbs 8oz at her 4 mo check up.

    Looks like your baby did just go through a growth spurt at 3 months. Has your baby always eaten like this or just recently?

    That sounds like a lot for a baby of that age.

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  • If she's really hungry for that much formula throughout the day, and it isn't holding her, I'd definitely bring it up with your pediatrician. My son is a big baby, too (20 pounds at 5 months) but he usually doesn't take more than 30 ounces a day and hasn't been particularly thrilled about solids so I'm not rushing him. I don't think size is a factor, it just depends on the baby. 
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  • DS will be 16 weeks tomorrow (Thursday). He's hovering right around 16 pounds as well. He's also over 26 inches long so a pretty big baby.

    With that being said, he eats all the time. Sometimes, it's only an hour or two between feedings. He's bf so not sure on how many ounces. However, he will take 6-8 oz of pumped milk when he does get a bottle. He does sttn so that may be a factor.

    Even though, DS eats so much I plan on delaying solids until 6 months. I'm personally in the delay it camp but many babies start solids before 6 months without incident. If she seems ready developmentally and shows an interest, it could be an option depending on what her pedi says. If she shows signs of allergies or high sensitivity to things, I'd consider waiting. 

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  • My DD was sleeping 9 hrs at your LO's age and consuming roughly the same amount of formula. It was definitely a growth spurt, and her intake decreased after it passed. And DD was a petite baby (roughly 12 lbs).

    Have you tried adding an extra ounce to her bottle? Sometimes if DD hasn't quite had enough at a feeding, she's hungry sooner and will down a full bottle as opposed to going longer between feeds.

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