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Mixing formula,but it's the same brand. Is this ok??

Does anyone know if it's ok that I give my son Similiac fussiness and gas during the day but at his nighttime and morning bottle I give him the Similiac for spit up that's a bit heavier with some rice in it? 

Re: Mixing formula,but it's the same brand. Is this ok??

  • DS didn't react well when we transitioned him like this. Sticking to one specific type worked best for us.
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  • I don't think it would harmful to his health but it is rough on their sensitive stomachs. I learned that firsthand this week. 

    The few times DS has gotten formula it was always Similac Advance. I have some samples of Enfamil Infant that I wanted to try out with him. I want to stockpile some formula if I chose to wean him before he's older enough for cow or soy milk.

    It only made him very fussy and gassy. He spit up a lot that day when he rarely ever spits up at all. Granted it was different brands but even different formulas of the same brand can have very different recipes.  

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