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What are you up to today?

I have DH home for the full day today (done with his internships and starts back to school next week) and feel productive.

We hung the paper lanterns in the nursery above the crib, which he'd been putting off, I did an ass-ton of laundry, and this afternoon am finally using the prenatal massage gift cert. I got for Mother's Day. 

Dropping off prints to 2 local clients (bc I am cheap and don't want to mail them), taking some forms to DS's preschool, and then tonight are our maternity pics.

I just love knocking things off the ol' to-do list, and it's amazing to have DH home to watch DS while I run errands. Only lame thing today is that one of us has to be home at all times because I've got a package coming that has to be signed for. 

Go ahead, tell us what you're up to. Sometimes you need to feel productive (I say as I sit here with my feet up and Bump while stalking UPS tracking).

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Re: What are you up to today?

  • Work, but leaving early for my 36w growth ultrasound and OB appointment. I fear the epidemic! haha. Tonight, I'm relaxing.
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  • Finishing the last 4 loads of baby stuff laundry and then doing (as DH calls it) "the big people" laundry.  I want to make another freezer meal and finish packing my hospital bag as well.  I should probably get around to doing some lessons too, since I have to teach during freshmen orientation next week and then everyone starts the week after.
  • I'm in LD right now I fell this morning and was sent in for a u/s and NST. But, I did get up early and do a load of laundry, load of dishes, kitchen wipedown, and I got the living room back in order after moving some things around. I need a nap. =p

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  • Nothing. I'm at work but have lost all motivation. Kudos to those ahead of me still working.

    I may sneak out of here early but if last night was any indictation of tonight, I'm going to be just as bored. I hate the lower activity level my DR put me on. BORING!



    Harper Grace 8.31.12

  • Work plus overtime (9.5 hours) to get more hours towards maternity leave. Take my 1.5 hour train ride home to the burbs. Grocery shppoing, making dinner...then it will probably be around 9, so winding down and getting ready for bed. A typical day...

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  • Good for you! I am feeling incredibly freaked out and anxious with these early labor mamas. I think the nesting thing is kicking in because I'm about to lose it. This post actually totally helps me, because I need to list this for myself. I'm a teacher, and I go back to school in one week, and I am SO not finished with my to-do list. Who knows? Maybe it'll help others. Here's what I'm working on:

    *Laundry. Doing it all today (already in progress--yay me.)

    *Drop off pre-admission form to hospital (we haven't had our tour yet, and like I said, I'm starting to panic.)

    *STD form to OBGYN office (forgot to take with me at my last appt.)

    *Install car seat base

    *Finish packing hospital bags (these are mainly finished, just need a few clothing items)

    *Order the remaining items on my Target registry

    *Finish painting trim around doors (WHY, oh why did I decide this is the time for this project???)

    *Start (yes, I said START) organizing plans for my long-term sub

    Bottom line: Please, Dear God, don't let this baby be early. 

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  • I'm working today, but leaving early for an elective ultrasound with DH. It'll be our last (unless a problem comes up) peek at our little guy.

    DH is at home, though, while our kitchen flooring is cleaned, regrouted, and sealed! He's installing new door hardware for me and a new light fixture in the upstairs hallway.

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  • Going to MH's softball game, picking up my prenatal refill (and maybe stopping at the bulk candy store next door to pick up a few goodies), then going home to relax, after cleaning the bathroom.  I'm a hoot, I know...


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  • I'm working. I have zero motivation today. Well really everyday for the past two weeks. Tonight we are finishing up buying some baby things and doing a return at BRU.

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  • hmp1hmp1
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    Bumping while trying to pay attention enough to not get busted on conference calls. I'm making spaghetti sauce today and DH gets home late tonight. I'm also on the hunt for some tool set toys for the tool bench I want to make for DS this weekend.

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  • Unfortunately working...only 16 more work days until I start my maternity leave!!!
  • Working - and I'm being very productive - can't you tell??  My whole team is traveling this week without me ( I didn't want to fly from WI to CA at 35 weeks), so it's very quiet around the office.

    But the good thing is that I'll be heading home at a decent time all week and may actually have enough energy to get things done at home!

  • Working from home, staring at spreadsheets and trying not to fall asleep doing it (already failed at that). I had to wait for a moving truck to show up at the house with some furniture from the in-laws (things that are technically DHs but we never had a place for it until we moved into a house). Including a piano (!) and the changing table for the nursery. I'm so tempted to stop working and just play with all the new stuff... but no, I really need to work.
  • Today, working. Tonight, hopefully getting some laundry done and taking a bath.
  • *bumping

    * looking at CD covers


    * finish staining the door to the nursery (in a  very well ventilated area with permission from dr.)

    * working on plans for my sub once I go on ML

    * and possibly getting some cleaning done.

     Oh and trying to not scratch the rash on my belly too much.  That gets harder and harder everyday.

    All these early deliveries are freaking me out.  I am feeling really good and totally hoping to get to my EDD.

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  • image Eastie156:
    I'm working. I have zero motivation today. Well really everyday for the past two weeks. Tonight we are finishing up buying some baby things and doing a return at BRU.

    Seriously. How did the early Sept EDD moms do it? I think all their stories are making me feel lazy. At least I'm going to blame them.


    Harper Grace 8.31.12

  • While Bumping I am making my store list.  I'm going to brave it after my daughter wakes from her nap.  I have a package I need to track but it didn't ship till yesterday so I'm thinking a Friday delivery for sure, I'm not gonna sweat it too much (its the remainder of my NB stash!  yay!) I also need to make the list out for school shopping because I am taking my 5yr old out this weekend to school clothes/supplies shop.  FUN! 

    Other than that I'm going to keep taking it easy and do some organizing in the house today. I noticed the PNP has some items in it that do NOT belong there.  (like DH's laptop and a Thor hammer (shakes head)).

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  • Thank you notes and laundry. Also slow cooking pork for tacos and finishing up my grocery list for the freezer meals I plan to make in the next few days (I'll drag DH with me to the store when he gets home from work).
  • Working now (lunch break currently), then off early to my 36 week check-up. I am scared to death that I will catch the epidemic going around the board.

    Tonight will be a little more work and hopefully a load of laundry or two. 

              My big TWO year old!
  • I may be the only teacher who has not made any plans for my ML. I have no desire to make them either. So, instead I am working on preparing materials for the beginning of the school year. I made a lot of things yesterday, so I am being lazy about it today. I am thinking a nap might be necessary! Trying to enjoy these last few days of summer before it is off to work I go on Monday! 

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  • I have been a little absent from the bump lately, so I am trying to get caught up...

    I get to leave work early today for my Dr.'s appt. =)
    tonight is our last child birthing class....
    My mother in law is in town, so we will probably grab some supper with her! 
    The weather is beautiful here in the state of TN... I just want to be outside SO SO bad!!!!! 

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  • I have the day off, well, the night off. I just woke up so... I will continue to take it easy for a bit, then clean a little, visit my cousin and her new LO, Dr appointment (I'm close to joining this epidemic so I'm hoping for a good visit), then come home to make dinner and hopefully DH will be home from work early so we can enjoy a night at home together. :)
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  • I'm having a much needed me break.  Lulu's been sick, so I stayed home from work today to care for her.  And she's been up basically since 2 this morning.  I'm exhausted!  And everytime I finally get her to close her eyes, my phone rings and wakes her up.  (I have since turned off my phone.)  Now I'm debating if I should eat, shower, clean up, or sleep.  Gosh, this feels like the newborn period all over again - but worse!

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  • I'm working acting busy so they don't give me any actual work to do. The laziness and no energy from 1st trimester is officially back.
    I had planned on just watching trashy tv all night but now, due to the epidemic, I will be packing my hopsital bag.



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  • Doing a little work here and there.  Not many people in the office today.  Deciding if I want to walk to my car during lunch to go take a long lunch to shop for some comfy lounge pants for the hospital or if its too much of an effort and just go get a salad from inside my building.

    Just sent DH an email list of everything he needs to get done for me this weekend because so many people are going early, and I was 2 weeks early last time.  Need to set up and wash the rock n play stuff, detail car and switch DS's carseat from middle to passenger side and put the carseat base behind the driver.  Get bag set out so I can start throwing stuff in there.

  • I've been busy and I'm just getting started. 

    1. I finished, faxed, and confirmed receipt from HR re my leave paperwork (across the country and really hard to get through--success!) 
    2. I finished all the client birthday cards for the rest of the year.  I handwrite them so they are personal so it takes some time.
    3. I ordered myself the new Galaxy S III smartphone. YAY! Now I'm gonna bump til I go to lunch at 11AM.
    4. Then after lunch I plan to do a work module on Structured Products that I have to do.  It's basically continueing (sp?) education that I have to complete before going out on ML.
    5. Right after work I have an appt to interview my last pediatrician with SO.
    6. Then I have my massage and chiro adjustment.
    7. Dinner with my SO.
    8. Work on Thank You notes.
  • I am at work just not doing a whole lot of work.  I am really tired, didn't get a whole heck of a lot of sleep last night.  The little guy yesterday almost put me in L&D so I might be part of the epidemic. 

    My to do list for tonight is:
    Supper @ MILs
    Finish packing my bag (and DH's)
    continue with the massive amounts of laundry


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    Baby #2 on its way - EDD June 4th!!
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  • I cooked two of my freezer meals this morning, did a load of laundry, and am now relaxing while DS naps.

    When he wakes up I figure we should go outside and play in his kiddie pool while the weather is nice.  

    A pretty low-key Wednesday.

  • The fair! I am so excited to eat my way through the midway!!!! Plus it'll be nice to see people I haven't seen in a while. It's actually the biggest fair in the whole state of Michigan which is surprising for our little town! Should be a good time and the food is always amazing so that in itself will be worth it!





  • I dropped a thing of post-its under my desk about an hour ago... I am still debating weather it's worth the effort to pick them up... That's about the extent of my productive... 


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