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Stomach Stitch

For the past week, I've been getting what feels like a stitch to the right and a little above my belly button. It's incredibly painful, and hurts whenever anything touches it. It's lasted from a few minutes to a few hours, and tends to go away if I lie down. However, walking when it's in full swing is extremely painful, and I can't stand up straight. My childbirth class instructor recommended ice, and that's helped a little, but it comes back as soon as I move the ice. 

Has anyone else had this? I'm at 31 weeks, and this started week 30 if that helps. I'm really starting to worry about it. I'd appreciate any help, thank you! (I'm a first time mom, so I don't know if I'm just being paranoid and worrying about every little twinge or if this is a legitimate concern) 

Re: Stomach Stitch

  • It's probably just ligament pain.

    I've had it too but I also have more stretching pain around my appendectomy incision sites but that's from the scar tissue.

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  • Ask your dr but I had a similar feeling like the muscle was tearing above my belly button and the dr said it was an ulcer and put me on medication.  He said it feels this way when the ulcer is at the bottom of your stomach and it is being squished by your uterus.  Like I said ask your dr but maybe it is something as simple as that. Good luck!
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  • Thank you for your advice. I did end up calling my doctor since the pain had become pretty constant, though not as tender. Of course, it subsided as soon as I got to the office.

     He's running some blood panels to be sure, but when I told him it seemed to get worse after eating, he was concerned it might be gallstones. So I'm also going in for an U/S to rule those out next week. If it comes back negative, he basically said it was one of those mystery pains. So we'll see. But thank you so much for your responses! 

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