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Little Snowflakes, Check In! (Jan 20-26)

Has anyone scheduled your a/s yet?  Anyone know if you're having a boy or girl?  


Have you started their registry yet?  When do you plan on starting your registry?  Where will you register? 


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Re: Little Snowflakes, Check In! (Jan 20-26)

  • A/s is scheduled for Aug 30th, so we don't know if it's a boy or girl yet.  We won't be having a shower.  We have so much stuff still from DS that one isn't needed :)
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  • Our A/S is scheduled for Sept 5, exactly 20 wks. We plan on going to register that weekend once we kniw what we are having!! Can't wait for September!!!
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  • A/s the 22nd! Cannot wait. I feel completely like it is a boy, but we shall see. Baby #3 so no registry. :( 
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  • mine is scheduled on august 20th, but we already know its a boy, got confirmation a few weeks ago . But its always exciting to see him again and again! I want to go register, but my hubby really wants to go with me and pick out at least all the big things like stroller/car seat, decorations, bedding, crib etc.


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  • A/S is on the calendar for the 25th!  Can't wait!  Team Green here....so no news on boy/girl.  Also number 3 so no registry/shower etc. 


  • A/S is on the 31st! Can't wait to find out if it's a little boy or a little girl! We have started our registry, and are registering at walmart.

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  • Has anyone scheduled your a/s yet? in 3 weeks 

    Anyone know if you're having a boy or girl? team green


    Have you started their registry yet?  yes  well kind of a wish list in amazon

    When do you plan on starting your registry?Not sure

     Where will you register?  not sure besides amazon

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  • Our a/s is next Monday. I'll be exactly 18 weeks. We'll hopefully find out the sex then. :)

    I have no idea when we'll register. I'm thinking October/early November. My shower is at the end of November, so I want to make sure I'm registered before invitations are sent out. I have no idea where we'll register at this point. Since it's so far down the road, I'm definitely not stressing about it right now. 

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  • Our u/s is sep 4. We are really excited about it. As for a shower, we were thinking of having it late oct or mid november. 
  • We are counting down the days to our A/S on the 28th! I could never be Team Green (I like to plan too much) so we are looking forward to finally knowing the sex.

    We plan to start the registry after the A/S - I think we are going to register at Target and BRU. The only issue is my side of the family all live in the same area and we are 30-40 minutes away from Target and the BRU in our area is REALLY small. I want to be convenient for people and it would add an extra hassle if people had to order online and pay shipping. I might look into a local place to make it a bit easier for people. 

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  • we started one of our regestries about a week ago. and kinda started another one today!! so many choices on everything!!!


    our a/s isn't until  sept 4th! i feel like that is years away! i just cant wait to see LO again!

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  • A/S is scheduled for Sept. 4th.  My office won't order it until 20 weeks or later, no chance of getting in early :(  Can't wait to find out who we're having though!

    I do have a registry, but I don't think that it's even public.  It's more for my reference so that I can keep track of stuff that I want to get.  Most of it is girl stuff, we don't know who we're having yet, but it's fun to look :).  I've done most of my registry with Amazon, and then a few things with BRU.  Mostly I've done them for the completion coupons. 

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  • A/s isn't scheduled until 14th Sept. :( so waiting on whether boy or girl for about 5 more weeks!

     I have picked out all the big stuff except crib and carseat on Amazon, and will register for clothes/toys/blankets at Target after the a/s! 

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  • We're due 1/26 with #3 so no shower...i really FEEL like its gonna be a girl but it may also be wishful thinking because we already have 2 boys :) n we will be scheduling our u/s when we go to my appt on Thursday...cant wait!!!
  • Has anyone scheduled your a/s yet? Nope, going to schedule it at my 18 week appointment coming up soon. Can't wait to set a date! Anyone know if you're having a boy or girl?  Nope, really looking forward to finding out. The suspense is killing me, haha.

     Have you started your registry yet? Not really, I started a "wish list" on Babies R Us and will convert that to a registry later on. When do you plan on starting your registry? After we find out the baby's sex!  Where will you register? Target & Babies R Us (and possibly Amazon, haven't decided yet)

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  • Has anyone scheduled your a/s yet?  Anyone know if you're having a boy or girl?  
    Yep, it is scheduled for August 28.  We will be finding out if we are having a boy or girl then.

    Have you started their registry yet?  When do you plan on starting your registry?  Where will you register? 
    I got our registry started on Friday and DH and I went to the store together to make decisions on the big items on Sunday so it's just about done.  We registered at BRU because our family is spread around the country and there seem to be stores close enough to everybody.

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  • A/S is on august 30th.

    We plan on starting our registry this weekend, we are going to get things that are gender neutral even though we want to know the sex.

    We plan on registering at baby's r us, and buy buy baby.

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  • A/S is scheduled for September 4th. I feel like the days are crawling. I don't want to wish this pregnancy away but the wait is so hard this time!!

    No registry for me. This is baby number 2. Plus we have every single "big" baby item that we could ever need. The only thing we will pick up is a double stroller. I am hoping that our parents will get us a few little things for Christmas this year...baby shampoo, soap, diapers, wipes, etc. That stuff adds up so quickly.

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  • A/S scheduled for 8/27, so excited!

     started registry, but mostly so i can keep track of things i like. we will register at babies r us, we thought amazon at first but its a bit difficult to navigate the site for registries, we figured babies r us is easier.

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  • Our A/S has not been scheduled yet because I'm in the middle of switching OBGYNs. I'm hoping we can schedule it for the first week of September, since I'll be 20 weeks by then.


    I started our registry right away. I'm terrible about researching & changing my mind 100 times, so needed the head start. We won't tell anyone about the registry until shower invites go out, probably in November.  

  • AS is scheduled for the 4th. We won't register since this is #2 for us.
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  • I had an early anatomy scan last Friday and found out that we're having another girl! We'll have our full anatomy scan on sept 17th. My parents will be here visiting the. So I thought it would be nice to bring them along. 


    We're  not registering since this is baby #2, although I do have a short wish list of things that I want this time around.  

  • A/S is scheduled for Sept 10 but we are having an elective ultrasound this Saturday to find out what we're having (my mom will be out of the country for the A/S and she wants to find out in person) Can't wait!

    No registry this time since this is #2 and we really only need a double stroller and a few small items.

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  • A/S is not scheduled yet, but prob will be the first couple weeks of September.  We are not planning anything till we know the sex of our little one. :)
  • We have our a/s scheduled on Friday the 24th at 9am, bright and early!  We'll be finding out then hopefully whether it's a boy or girl.  

    This is our 2nd child so we'll be using everything we had for DS since we got all gender neutral stuff for this very reason.  I think there are only a few things we'll buy this time around like bedding, bottle nipples and a new diaper bag....so no registry this time. :)

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  • A/S scheduled for August 23rd, and we don't want to know the sex this time. 


    No registry or shower for us, since DS is 2.5 and we have everything we could possibly need!  If we end up with a girl, clothes will come later and she can wear lots of blue/gender neutral stuff that we already have.


  • I've got an ultrasound tomorrow morning but we're not going to learn the sex of the baby. I've started to register but will finish it the final week of August. We're registered at Target and Buy Buy Baby.
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  • A/S is scheduled for Sept 5th.

    We're already team pink - we went in for an elective ultrasound last week.

    Even though this can be taboo, I have had people offer to throw a small shower.  Even if I wasn't, I'd register and not tell anyone simply for the completion discount.  I've started it, but I'm not telling anyone about it yet - I'm just adding items online as soon as I figure out what I want so I don't have to do it all at once.  It'll be small - we don't need much.

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  • Has anyone scheduled your a/s yet?  Anyone know if you're having a boy or girl?
    I schedule mine tomorrow at my 16 week appointment!! So I'll know in a couple weeks :)

    Have you started their registry yet?  When do you plan on starting your registry?  Where will you register?
    I have started it. I think I'm going to stick with Kmart and Walmart for registries. It's mostly just for my family, since I live in GA and they are in MI.



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  • Our a/s is scheduled for this Thursday! We will probably register just to get the completion coupon but we haven't talked about when or where yet. Probably BRU.
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