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FTM here So I just got back from my 37 week check up and baby seems to have his head at my left hip and his butt at my right breast, just wondering if anyone else had this and the baby corrected themselves...I was given exercises to do in hopes he'll move?!? Whats your experience??



Re: transverse?

  • My sister's daughter was transverse.  She did the suggestions on and also visited a chiropractor - she opted to not try the external version.  Baby never corrected herself and she had a schedule c/s. 
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  • I'm in a similar situation, but LO is breech.

    I was told by my OB that transverse babies are more likely to correct themselves than breech babies, but there is no science behind it, just her experience.

    I have a c/s scheduled should LO not be prepared for that to be a possibility.

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  • The two docs I see seem to disagree, but one of them thinks this baby is transverse.  Just like yours, actually - head at left hip, butt in right side of rib cage.  I tend to believe her, since my belly even looks a little lopsided.  I'm having a scheduled c/s, anyway, so it doesn't matter.  The doc I saw today said it's unlikely her position will change much in the next few weeks.
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  • LO was breech up until last week.  He finally flipped.  I did the inversion exercises in this video and believed it worked. 
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  • hopefully he corrects himself..I'm not sure I can mentally prepare myself or a c-section I'v never been in the hospital for any period of time but as long as hes a healthy littleimage boy ill do anything!
  • My baby is currently sitting like OP's. Head at left hip and butt under my right breast. I was only 34 weeks when I saw my doctor and she wasn't too concerned yet. I see my other doctor next week (which is my OB) so I'll see what she says. I know that LO has time to move, so hopefully he/she does!


  • I am 90% sure that mine is in the same position as yours. My Dr did not even try to check last Friday... But he was concerned that her hr was in the 180's so I'll be asking this Friday.
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  • My LO moves around from transverse to oblique pretty often, and he's been that way since at least 19 weeks. Both midwives I've seen recently have told me not to worry about it, so I'm trying not to. I'm hoping he figures out this whole head-down thing soon because it's really uncomfortable and cramped in there.  

    The inversion on spinning babies is worth a try, I think. :) 


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