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Today is Shot day

My LO has a doctor's appointment at 3:30 and I know it's time for another round of shots. I am dreading it. Thank God for my husband because he holds him when they do it. I tear up and get major anxiety there. My DH always asks why I am the one getting upset since I'm not the one getting shots. I guess I just feel bad for him. I know they have to hurt and he looks so sad. It's getting worse as he gets older. Anyone else have issues with this?

Re: Today is Shot day

  • I hate shots, and I probably feel a little anxious on shots day, but I know by now that her crying only lasts a minute, so I wouldn't say I have issues with it.

    I'm sorry you're struggling.

    Our sweet girl is 3!

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  • I usually cry more than DS.  I hate the look on his face when the hurt hits.  It's a necessary evil.  Hang in there :)
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  • I teared up with his 2 month shots because I had never heard him scream like that. He's done a little better every time since then and normally calms down pretty quickly with some snuggling.  It still makes me sad to see him upset, but I know that it's necessary.  We normally go to Target after all his appointments and he gets a new toy for being such a champ with the shots.
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  • He ended up getting 3 shots and the last was one that would burn. I did get a huge knot in my throat and tried not to cry. He was fine after a minute of turning red and screaming! This morning I talked to the sitter and he is wobbling because his leg is sore. Poor guy. She's going to give him some Children's Advil and put a warm rag on it. I think we have one more round at 18 months then just flu shots until he's 4. Thank Goodness!!!
  • I hate shots too.  I hate seeing my baby cry.  We got our next round of shots in October for the 18 month appointment.  I'm preparing myself emotionally for that one!

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