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Measuring 2 weeks ahead

I am currently 28 weeks but baby is measuring 2 weeks ahead. He is already head down and very low. I had pre term labor signs about a week ago but after a full exam everything is normal. Is anyone else in this or has been in this situation? Due date is Nov 5 but doc says mid October. We have large babies in my family so I expected a big boy, myself and my husband were 9lbs and over 20 inches long.
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Re: Measuring 2 weeks ahead

  • DS measured between 1-2 weeks ahead for my entire pregnancy, and was 9+ lbs when he was born at 38w5d.  He's still consistently in the 80+ percentile for height and weight at 19m old.  It's nothing to be concerned about, just be aware that your doc might try to push an early-ish induction or scheduled c/s due to baby's size --- you should probably refuse both options (unless there are other concerns), as most women will not grow a baby that's too big to be delivered vaginally.
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  • My OB said I'm measuring 1 1/2 weeks ahead. She said it's really normal because it's not an exact science. She said they don't really pay much attention unless you're measuring 3 weeks ahead - then they start looking to see if it's a 'big baby'. (Although with my last pregnancy they did an ultrasound because they thought he'd be a big boy. They estimated 9 lbs. He came out 7.5lbs)
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  • My Doc said that I'm measuring 3 weeks ahead and I go in tomorrow to see if that is still the case. She doesn't seem to worried about it, just saying it could just be a big baby or more than normal amount of amnio fluid. I will see tomorrow if they want to do an ultrasound to check those two things out.

  • I've consistently been measuring 2-4weeks ahead and here I sit 5 days before my due date with not a sign of labor in sight. Good luck!
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  • Measuring "weeks" ahead is fairly irrelevant unless that was true early in the pregnancy.  At this point, it just means baby is big.  I had a growth ultrasound a couple of weeks ago (due to GD) and DS is not quite "2 weeks ahead" or about 82 percentile.  In other words, he is big.  I grow big babies.  I know this.  I expected this kid to be 9-9.5 lbs from the minute I found out I was pregnant and it was a boy.

    Anyhow, measuring "ahead" at this stage does not mean you will deliver early.  As I tell all my pregnant girlfriends- be ready at 36 weeks because anything can (and does) happen.  But remember that the average delivery for first babies is something like due date plus six days.  If you are ready, but expecting to go late, you won't be frustrated when they don't come early, and also unprepared if they do!

  • I too have been measuring 2 weeks ahead plus baby is also measuring 1 1/2 - 2 weeks ahead. This is my second pregnancy and my first one my son was 7lbs 4oz he now is 18 yrs old and when I found out I was pregnant with a girl it was something that I have been wanting for years. My husband is a big guy and he was a big baby when he was born. I dont know how much I weighed when I was a baby but I know that this baby was going to be big. Everybody teases me say oh its gonna be 10 lbs but I believe at least 8-9lbs. I am 31 weeks and my doc is really monitoring the baby weight and her growing fast. I am excited to meet my daughter cant wait to hold no matter how big she is I am just ready to see her. I have waited along to time for this moment. I will be praying that god bless all the mothers that are having babies that we all have smooth deliveries with no harm or danger to mother or child and that everything goes perfect. Be Bless and dont worry about anything everything will be alright.
  • I was measuring 2 weeks ahead from 33 weeks.Doc said I'd have the baby early.I was walking around dilated, with contractions for weeks.

    Well, I had to be induced a week after my due date. You just never know.As PP said, you may just have a bigger baby.Mine was 8.5 lbs, not super big, but big enough to push out, lol.

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