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when do you stop 3 day food testing?

We have been keeping up with one new food for 3 days straight since 6mths their 9mths now, wondering when is it okay to stop the test period for allergies? I meant to ask pedi at their appt but forgot, anyone know? thanks :)
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Re: when do you stop 3 day food testing?

  • We stopped probably around 7-8 months. We have no allergies on either side of our family, so we weren't too concerned.
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  • I was wondering this too. DH and I don't have allergies but I have a few cousins who have a ton but I'm not sure if that really makes a difference since they're not immediate family? I guess I've been a little cautious because of them lol
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  • If your LOs are not showing signs of food sensitivities and food allergies don't run in the family, you can probably stop, since you've introduced them to a wide variety of foods.  But I would still be very aware of what new foods you've tried recently in case something comes up that causes concern.  (i.e.  We stopped doing the 3-day rule around 9 months, but he also got a rash one night shortly thereafter.  It turned out to be viral, but I was glad I knew what he'd eaten recently.)
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  • thanks! we have no allergies on either side also so Im thinking I'll stop but just keep in mind what new food they have just incase any issues turn up. :)
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  • We stopped after maybe a month?  Two?  Anyway, it didn't last long.  Probably though, once we start foods with higher likelyhood of allergies, like eggs, cow's milk, or peanut butter, we'll do the three-day thing for those.
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  • DS turns 10 months monday and I have not stopped.  I will not stop until he has had all the foods Pedi said to wait until 12 months to try (seafood, nuts, ect).  There are also foods that DH and I decided to wait on.  

     I think of it this way... I will stop when DS has had so many different foods that new foods will be rare so come across.   For example the last time I had some thing truly new to me was in 2008 (I had snails...they were sooo good).  DS has not been exposed to many foods yet and I am always finding new things for him to try.  Our doctor told us that it can take more than one exposure to something to cause a reaction and I for one do not want DS to have a reaction to something and me not know what it was bc I wanting to give him a ton of new things at once.

    Some of you may think I'm silly but I don't. 

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  • We stopped a long time ago. However, DS does have allergies, but when he has a reaction, we know right away.
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  • I live in Canada and the new recommendation here is that unless you have a close family member with allergies, you can introduce a new food each day (they usually react within 3-4 hrs if there is a sensitivity). DD started eating whole eggs at around 6 months, has had pb, berries, fish, etc.

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