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Random people following me on Pinterest??

Lately I've had three people start following me on Pinterest -- I have no idea who they are.  Can you block people from following you?  Or "unfollow" them from your Pins (I'm not saying that right).  It just creeps me out to have strangers seeing my plans for DS's birthday and whatnot.
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Re: Random people following me on Pinterest??

  • Umm... I am surprised you don't want strangers following you, that's kind of the point on pinterest, I thought anyway. If someone saw something that they liked that you had pinned, that's just what people do. You don't have any personal information on there do you?

    It's funny to me b/c I had rather have strangers follow me than people I know... I don't like some of the people IRL that I know to see everything that I like, want to buy, or plan to make... just funny how different people are. 


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  • Umm...that's kinda the point of Pinterest. Anybody can follow you.

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  • Just change your name on there if it makes you uncomfortable. Having access to tons of ideas is the whole point- it's not like Facebook. 

    Do you only pin things from people you know? I think it's a nice compliment that people follow me and like the things I like.  

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    they rule.
  • I guess it just bothered me since my full name and a picture of my family is on there.  I just went in and changed that. 


    SAHM to DD1 (7), DS (5) and DD2 (1)
  • No, you cannot block followers. 

    I don't know most of the people I follow or those following me.  I follow people because they pin items that are of interest to me not because I know them.  It is not like they are getting any information about you from your pins unless you are pinning from your personal blog or pinning personal pictures, information, etc. 

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  • Yeah, on Pinterest it's pretty much all about the content and not the people. I follow people whose pins I like and often want to repin. It's not really something where you follow people you know just to see what they're interested in, that's boring. If that makes sense.

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  • That's why I don't have my entire first & last name. I have a bunch of followers that I don't know and really didn't think anything about it. 
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  • I follow anyone that has a pin that I like and think that I will like to follow.  I love seeing more and more things show up to pin!

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  • LOL Jeez I almost felt like a stalker there for a minute..I'm following people I don't know, I like their pins!!
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