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Thinking about having my husband deliver our baby at the birth center...!

Our birthing center allows dads to be as involved as they please, my husband an I are thinking about having him deliver our baby with the midwife's assistance. Did anyone else do this? If so, did it change your birth experience in a positive or negative way?? 

Re: Thinking about having my husband deliver our baby at the birth center...!

  • Do you mean have him catch the baby? My husband caught our son and I think it was a positive experience for all of us. Although my husband has said that he was so much in shock at the time that it wasn't as magical as he hoped it would be.
  • MH would never dream of doing such a thing, he's way to squeamish. But, I was present at a friend's home water birth and her H caught the baby. You could tell it was a very meaningful thing for him, the look on his face just showed satisfaction deep down inside of him. But then it was also kind of cute because not long after he caught his daughter, maybe 20 seconds, he kind of "freaked" and was like "what do I do now?!?!". It was cute.
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  • Sure, if he wants to. My guess is the midwife will kind of walk him through it and will have a good idea of when "go time," is, so he should be fine. 

    DH wouldn't have an interest in it, but I guess I kind of caught DD2 myself this last time. Well, no one really caught her b/c I was on all fours and the bed, and she just slid right onto the bed. I'm not sure if the midwife guided her down or not. 

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  • Dh caught #2 and #4.  I was on all fours for #2 and I was leaning over the bathroom counter with #4.  I caught #3 because I was squatting.  It was SOOO awesome.  It's insanely amazing to have you or your dh be the very first person earthside to touch your baby.
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  • My husband has helped deliver oth my girls in a hospital setting with my OB behind him. My husband is a paramedic so he is trained on this. He is planning on delivering this one baby as well. I think it's awesome to have them do it.
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    My hospital actually encourages this in normal, uncomplicated situations. Unfortunately for us, my son had shoulder dystocia and H couldn't catch the baby for obvious reasons, but the doctor handed him right over to my H as soon as he was out to put on my belly, and it made the experience a more positive one for us, especially considering the dystocia. We plan to try to have H catch the baby this time if we can.

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  • Our son came fast so it was just my husband and I there at the time (planned homebirth, midwifes enroute and 5 min later) and we both kind of caught him, mostly me.  DS was born in the water.  It was nice to the way it happened.


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  • If he wants to you should totally go for it!!   With my DS1 (which was a medicated birth, DS2 was natural)  my DH did actually deliver the baby with the nurse.

    I was on a low dose of pit and the doctor said that it would be like 10 hours and dipped out.  I went from 4.5 to 10 cm in one hour and for some reason the call button wasn't working.

    The nurse and DH delivered my baby, each holding a leg and reaching one hand out to make sure he didn't fly off the table. It was pretty nuts.   DH went from not even knowing if he would look down there or cut the cord, to assisting in delivery and cutting the cord and pretty much taking over, lol.  Needless to say he was proud of himself. : )


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