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help- barnyard!!!!

I know that if i have barnyard smell I am not using enough detergent therefore the dipes are not clean. I usually wash 12 dipes at a time in my HE front loader. Since I have hard water, I also add calgon during the hot wash.

I'm not sure how much detergent to add (I don't want to end up with ammonia smell). When i add more detergent, would it be a good idea to have my wash cycle be as follows?: cold rinse, hot wash cycle with more detergent and calgon, another hot wash cycle with calgon only and then finish with a cold rinse? or would a cold rinse, hot wash and 2 cold rinses remove excess detergent?

I'm also wondering since I have an HE if there is not enough water/agitation with the diapers. is it ok to throw in a wet towel to add weight to my cycle or will is ruin the pocket covers?

ANY advice is welcome :)

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Re: help- barnyard!!!!

  • I would just do a cold rinse, hot wash, and 2 cold rinses. There isn't a reason to do another entire hot wash. 

    Just watch the washing machine during the last rinse and do another rinse if you still see suds. 

     I would definitely throw in a wet towel to add weight. It won't ruin your pocket covers. :)

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  • I wouldn't worry about excess detergent just yet since with barnyard you're not using enough. So I think the prerinse, hot wash w/detergent & calgon, extra rinse is a good place to start. Another thing you may want to try is switching your prerinse to warm or hot. Adding a towel shouldn't harm your pockets, but I've heard other HE owners say their 'bulky' setting adds more water than a normal wash.

    As a comparison, here is my routine with an HE front loader. My water is not hard, but this routine has kept stinkies at bay. I started just doing a cold pre-wash, but feel that the hot pre-wash does a better job.

    -hot quick wash, no detergent, cold rinse (I don't have a pre-rinse/soak option, so this is the closest thing to it)

    -hot normal wash, with detergent, 2 cold rinses. I use either 1/2 scoop of Country Save or Tide powder to just under the 1 line.

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