Were you breastfed?

Just curious how many other moms here were breastfed and if you were or not, did it impact your decision to breastfeed your own child?

My mother breastfed my brother and I until we both weaned around 18 months.  She has been one of my biggest supporters and the fact that I was breastfed definitely influenced me to breastfeed my daughter.

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Re: Were you breastfed?

  • No, my mom did not breast feed me or my sister.  She was 17 when she had me and 19 when she had my sister.  I think her age was a huge factor.  She had my brother when she was 25 and tried to breastfeed him but gave up after a few weeks.

    I'm planning on breast feeding my LO but her decision has not influenced me one way or another.  Too me it's a very personal choice that only I can make.

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  • Yes, but only for 3 months.   Since I am 42-- that was a long time then as most people formula feed at that time.

    Honestly however it had no bearing in why I breastfed my son for 13 months and why I am breastfeeding my daughter.  I am doing it because research indicates it is the healtiest option.   Therefore, unless I am really medically not able, I intend to do it for at least 6 months and take it from there after (same as I did with son).  

    for me it was just a logical decision- nothing to do with why my mom did or did not do. 

  • I wasn't. My mom was 17 and a senior in hs when she had me (I was her first time and clearly an oops!!) everyone told her formula was better for me. That said, she's been a huge supporter of me bf'ing. My IL's didn't seem too excited (despite the fact that she bf dh) but now that he's doubled in weight since he was born and is doing so great I think they are coming around. That and they see that I'm not budging :-) 


    Eta- her  choice had no impact on mine. I read the research and decided this was best. 


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  • I was not.  She was 31, but it was the 80s.  I think most women FF then.  It didn't affect my decision.  
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  • My mom tried to BF me, but got mastitis after about 2 weeks...she got some bad advice from her OB who told her she had to stop BFing while she had the infection (it was the 70s...the absolute opposite is true!).  However, she went on to BF both of my younger sisters until they were at least 1 year old.  This did not affect my decision, but she has been very supportive!
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  • I was not breastfed as my mom was on medication that at the time was thought to not be safe for breastfeeding. However after more research they determined it was safe and she BFd my younger brother for over a year.

    My mom is a big supporter of breastfeeding and she has seen both sides. It is nice having her support, although I still think I would have breastfed regardless of whether she did or not.

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  • I was EBF until 4ish months, then I got formula while my twin was EBF past 1yr.  I'm not bitter.  Haha. 

    My younger sister and brother were BF past 1yr as well.

    My sisters BFed their girls - one sister EBF and the other BF/FF.  To me, it was not a question, I wanted to BF.  Plus, I am cheap and didn't want to buy something that was free.

    My mom and sisters didn't BF much past 1yr so they are starting to question when I'm going to wean LO.  My MIL said to me that BFing past 1yr was "gross" so that's my motivation to keep going.  DH does not know if he was BFed or not. 

    It's certainly the "norm" in my family - I don't know if I could have dealt with the pressure/questions to FF.  The weaning questions are distracting now. 

  • My mom tried, but gave up after a few weeks.  She tried again with my first sister who tured out to be a biter and I think when my next sister arrived 13 months later she just went straight for the formula.  She's relatively supportive (she'll make comments sometimes that I just ignore), but she always says that she was terrible at breast feeding.  I always respond with the fact that I had a TON of support to help me out - the nurses at my hospital, a lactation consultant and you guys, so my chances of success were much higher than hers.  I didn't base my decision on her experience though, I'm doing what I feel is right for our family. 
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  • Yes, but just for a couple of months or so I think.  Mama had to go back to work and so she switched me to formula.  She did the same with my brother.  BTW she is jealous of my double electric pump- she wishes they'd had those in the 80s.

    She did somewhat influence me, but mostly it was my own decision based on research and like pp said why pay for something that's free!

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  • My sisters and I were all breastfed.  My mom let us self wean and did extended breastfeeding with me.  I am planning on letting Nina self wean.  That really didn't influence my decision on what we are doing.  
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  • I was for 2 months. My mom stopped after several problems with BF... which turned out my own BF experience was a carbon copy of hers. She had suffered PPD and at that time it wasnt really a "thing" yet so she was completely without support. When I started flying down that same road she was a constant place for support for me. I pump now, but I didnt give up which is due to my moms encouragement.

    And seeing her now with my DD makes me happy that we BOTH are enjoying life with a new baby around and I wish there was more BF support for her when it was her time!

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  • i was formula fed and apparently started solids at 9 weeks. WTF? my mom's parenting only influences mine in the "what not to do" category. my mom is not very supportive of me and doesn't really get breastfeeding, but i don't care. on the otherhand, my MIL breastfed both of her boys and is crazy supportive. i love having her as a supporter. but i made the decision to breastfeed all on my own, after watching two close friends/ coworkers successfully breastfeed their children.
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  • My Mom BF all four of her kids, me included, past 1yr. Interestingly enough, since she SAH none of us have ever taken a bottle. Although she admits that her choices, like BFing, were outside the norm (late 70s - early 80s) and she was "that weird hippy" lol.

    My sisters both BF their children, and it's pretty much the norm in my family. H's family is all FF. So there's not much support from that side. They aren't openly against it, but I think they just don't understand why it's so important to me/H. Although MIL did ask if there was a medical need to wean at 1yr? I just laughed and said no. 

    In a way yes my Mom's decision did impact mine. I knew before having kids that we were breastfed, and my sisters had kids before I did (1st niece born when I was 19) so I think growing up/living with it as the normal way to feed babies made it the default idea. I never considered FF as an option. And having them around for support was invaluable in making BFing a success.

  • Interesting responses - thanks!  My husband's family all FF, a few of them have told me that it was just what they did back then.  It does seem that breastfeeding support/education has come a long way, but still has a long way to go.
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  • My sister was bf and I was not. My mom is not very supportive, especially in this situation. I am determined to keep trying anyway!
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  • I was born in 1985 (in the US), and was exclusively breastfed for 12 weeks, until my mom went back to work. After that, she nursed me in the evenings only until 16 weeks and then I was FF.

    DH was born a few years before me (in England) and he was EBF until 4 months when MIL started him with rice cereal. She continued to breastfeed him until he was 9 months.

    I never really considered formula, like a PP said, I didn't want to pay for something that's free and I know that it's better for LO and for me to breastfeed. 


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  • I was not breastfed nor were my brothers. I had asked my mother why she chose to FF and she said people convinced her she would suffocate us because she was large breasted (she later had a reduction). This was in the 80s/early 90s. 

    Her decision had no effect on my decision to breastfeed my son. I knew it was best for him and I wanted the bonding experience. Plus it's free! 

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  • I was BF, DH was not.  MIL said she tried in the hospital but it hurt so he never was BF.  My mom has been supportive, but would have been either way.  I wasn't influced by her decision to BF me at all as she never really chose it, it was all they could afford so she was fortunate it worked out!
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  • Despite being children of the early/mid 80s, my brother and I were both breastfed. He had no interest in nursing and she stopped with him at 11 months (and did cow's milk, not formula).

    I was breastfed until I was 3, much to my father's dismay and mother's delight.

    ETA: I never really questioned whether or not to breastfeed... formula feeding always seemed so foreign to me. And the more I researched the topic, the more I was sure I wanted to do it.

    DH and his 3 younger siblings were all breastfed, although his mother passed away 10 years ago before we met and I do not know for how long each was breastfed. My ILs don't live locally, so I didn't get any support, positive or negative, from them.

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  • I've always known my mother breastfed my sister for a few months (I think around 4-5), and then breastfed me, but for less, only about 2 months.  You see, my sister & I are only 15 months apart, and she always said it was easier to just say "Here, you take the baby" and hand me to my dad, while she took care of my toddler sister!  And my baby brother didn't get breastfed at all.  Also, all of this was in the 80s and there just wasn't the support & push there is now.  That being said, she thinks it great that I am breastfeeding, and I think she wishes she was able to do it longer with us.

    That didn't factor into my decision to breastfeed at all, as for me that is based on research & convenience.  (Honestly, the convenience of breastfeeding ranks as high with me as the health benefits!  haha!)  However I am very proud that she did breastfeed me. 

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  • Yes, I was... but I was fed through a tube in the NICU for the first few weeks, and my mom went back to work right away.  She had to come home every 3 hours to feed me because I refused to take a bottle.  At 3 months, they introduced cereal b/c I would eat cereal mixed with BM with a spoon.

    I think I self-weaned around 15 months. My little brother BFed until he was way too old to still be BFing (sorry to extended BFers...but I remember him asking for it before bed when he was about 5, and it weirded me out).  I'm not sure when he was mostly weaned by.

    DH thought he was a pure FF baby but actually his mom BFed for the first 6 weeks (that was what someone told her was important at that time).  

    I was always planning to BF, but DH argued that he was FF and was fine, and it actually took  a while to convince him that BFing was best for the baby.  Thankfully he was convinced enough to stay supportive through our early challenges.

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  • No. It was the 80's and both her mom and MIL pressured her to FF. she has carried so much guilt because of it and I had no idea until I was breastfeeding in the hospital and my mom got kind of emotional amd kept leaving the room. Heartbraking! But, i am happy that my choice to breastfeed has somehow helped her get past her guilt and has really brought us closer together and she has been my biggest cheerleader!

  • Yep. Mom bf me until about 14 months. She has been a huge support system and so has my dad.
  • Only for a few weeks and my younger brother not at all.  It was definitely a different era as far as the availability of support and an understanding of the benefits of nursing.  I don't think it influenced me either way.  She is supportive now but I had to really stress how important it was to me and how determined I was to make it work.
  • I was FF.  My mom tried to BF my older brother and absolutely hated it.  She said she felt like a cow and she thought it was gross.  I heard that for so many years, that I never thought I would BF.  However, as I got older and started thinking about having a baby, my feelings changed.

    My mom is supportive of my decision, but she comments often about how she never realized BFing was so much work (and I totally agree with her.)

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  • My sister and I (born in '79 and '83) were not.  My mom tried briefly with both of us, but gave up when we wouldn't latch.  It didn't help that my sister was jaundiced, so she was being pushed to give formula anyway. 

    I breastfed my son for almost 15 months and will do the same with this one, so her decisions haven't influenced me at all.  That said, she was very supportive, especially when I was having trouble, and even did research on KellyMom.  She actually knew more about cluster feeding and growth spurts than my husband did. 

  • My family was poor when I was born, so both my sister and I were breast fed as formula was too expensive. My mom even hand expressed milk into little jars when she went back to work.

    It probably had some effect on my decision to breastfeed in that breastfeeding was what I saw as the normal way to feed a baby. Sort of an "Of course I'm breastfeeding LO, how else do you feed a baby?"

    My husband was formula fed and while my MIL is supportive of my bf'ing,  has commented how ff'ing is easier since someone else can do it too. Now, watching the process of bottle feeding my LO now that I'm back at work, I'm glad I can BF. It's sooooooooo much easier to pop LO on the boob than have to prep a bottle. 

  • Yup, My mom BF's me for 10 months and my two siblings for one year each.  I apparently self weaned at 10 months (She still says it makes her sad lol).  I don't think it really influenced me, but certainly it's nice to have the support from someone who has been there and gets it ;)   The overwhelming medical literature demonstrating superiority of BM over formula is what influenced me!
  • I am a twin, and my mom BF us until around 6 months, when my brother bit her. We went right to cow's milk. MIL BF DH for about 2 weeks, but then quit. She says that DH was "always hungry" and nursing (which is normal!), and chewed her nipples raw so she gave up. I don't know if he got formula after that, but he was a big baby (10 lbs) at birth, and MIL said that the doctor had her put DH on skim milk at his 2 month appt because he was still so big.  That was 40 years ago, so.....different times, I guess.

    My parents have definitely been supportive. However, my mom doesn't know why I'm "still" BFing my daughter. (DD's mostly on WCM during the days, but I still nurse in the mornings and sometimes at night). My ILs have been supportive, but they don't know anything about breastfeeding- nobody in their family has done it successfully- so I felt like I was always explaining things to them.

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  • I always assumed I was, and DH assumed he was BF too. When I was pregnant with my first we both found out within a week of each other that neither of us were. My mom tried with my older brother (born in '80, me and '83), but says she couldn't make enough, so she quit after a few weeks, and then she didn't even try with me. I had a similar experience with my son, and quit after about 8 weeks, but my daughter and I have been EBFing for just over 5 months! My mom has mentioned a few times lately that now she feels guilty for not trying with me after seeing the success I've had the second time around...

    My MIL just had no interest in BF, and while I don't think she judges me for doing it, I don't think she really gets it either. She always brags how she had her kids eating cereal off a spoon at 2 weeks. Confused


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