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placenta encapsulation

So, I only recently became aware of this practice and at first it made me quite squeamish, but after reading more about it, I think I may do it. Depression is prevalent in my family and I know my mother suffered serious PPD after my birth.

I'm having a hard time finding credible scientific resources on it, however. Help?

Also, do you have an idea of the average cost of a service that does this? (I really wouldn't want to do it myself.)


Re: placenta encapsulation

  • I paid $150 for mine but I don't have any credible scientific resources for it. They were like little energy pills for me. Worth every penny!

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  • I learned about this after the birth of my first.  The service I'm looking into is $200.  There is someone slightly cheaper in the area but the woman I am going with is accredited and regulated so I figure the extra money is worth the comfort.  The only site I have is this:
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  • I couldn't find much research on it either, but we decided to just go for it... and I am so glad I did!!

    I have a long history of depression, and I truly believe that the placenta pills (as well as starting back on my meds immediately PP) really helped with those first few weeks. I noticed an obvious difference on days that I forgot to take them.  

    I paid $200 for my doula to do it for me; her fee for a non-client was $250.

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  • I don't have any credible sources but I know a handful of women who swear by it. I am paying $100 but the lady's going rate is typically $200 which seems pretty standard.

  • We just paid $175.
    Here is some info, though these aren't super-powerful, direct-connection things (not surprising since Eastern medicine looks at things differently than Western med and so people aren't really studying it the same way)


  • I think it's going to be hard to find a lot of research or studies on this, especially since pharmaceutical companies can't make any money off of it. But there are enough women out there who swear by it, and I've dealt with enough PPD and baby blues to be willing to give it a try.
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  • It's hard to find a lot of scientific source, but there are a few other there.  Mostly you'll find anecdotal info. There are two methods of encapsulation so it might be a good idea to learn about them both to see if one method might serve you better than the other.  This site slightly outlines the two methods. is another great resource.

    The average price in the Nashville area is $150-$175.


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