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my 15 month old is 21 lbs and 31 inches long. 90% of my stash is BG 4.0     we have only been cd for 2 months and i loooove it. my question is where should the top of the diaper hit? its stupid i know but im wondering if im doing it right..... we are on the middle rise and it hits about 1 1/2 to 2 inches below her belly button. ive also noticed that the front pouches out away from her body (but if i tighten the snaps she gets dark red indentations)       and since she runs around like a mad woman the insert doesnt stay flat... it bunches at the crotch from time to time. we dont get any  leaks but im open to hearing suggestions if im just a plain idiot who thinks i know what im doing when i dont! :)
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Re: rise and fit

  • Your not an idiot. There is no right way...its all personal. If you feel like its working, good. If you think its too low then unbutton it... if your not leaking and she is comfy then it sounds like your doing it right.
  • If you're not leaking you've got it.  If she slims down in a few months you might have to lower the rise but it works different for everyone.
  • My DD is 16 months, we just started a few months ago and have mostly BG4.0 as well. She's 20lbs 31 inches and I actually have her on the lowest setting. We started with the mid then just snapped it down and I seems to work better for us. I agree, there really isn't a right/wrong way! Whatever works and prevents leaks! 

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